Haywood Community College’s testing and tutoring center, Learning Support Services (LSS), provides test proctoring services for HCC students. In addition, the Center provides test proctoring for students who attend other colleges across the state and region including students who attend other North Carolina community colleges.

HCC’s LSS allows testers to take a test under supervision in a secure and quiet location.  The Center has 17 individual testing carrels and 12 computers for testing. Also, HCC’s LSS uses a sound-suppressor system that reduces the distractions of noise, such as the clicking of computer keys, voices outside the room, etc…

Proctored tests are necessary for a variety of reasons. The number one reason is testing for online courses.

“If the instructor requires that the test taking be supervised, the student has to find an approved location to have the test proctored, and surprisingly, there are not that many locations students can find,” explains Melanie Lewis, HCC LSS Testing Technician. There are other reasons too, that LSS proctors tests.  “Students make up tests in LSS and if the student has accommodations for a disability, we can help with that also,” Lewis notes.

At HCC, Lewis says, instructors complete a form with exact testing instructions and provide the test. For other institutions, the process is very similar. “Most universities are part of a state-wide testing system that Learning Support Services is a part of,” Lewis explains. In that way, Learning Support Services can get the exact test information needed from the school and instructor to proctor the test correctly.

There is no cost for HCC students to test at LSS, and there is no cost for students of other North Carolina community colleges.  For other students and organizations, there is a $25 per test fee. For more information about the services Learning Support Services provides or if you are a college student taking a summer online class and need a test proctored, call 627-4696 or email at HCC-learningsupport@haywood.edu.