When Raz Camby, 2011 Haywood Early College and Haywood Community College Associate in Arts graduate, was about to start high school, he knew he wanted on the fast track to finish quickly.

“I felt like early college gave students more classes to choose from and was a way to get general education classes out of the way,” Camby explains. “But you have to commit to it.”

Camby proved to be committed. He finished the program in three and a half years. He continued his education at North Carolina State University where he received Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering, as well as a minor in Biological Science.

While at Haywood Early College, Camby remembers an assignment where he had to write about what career he wanted to pursue. It was then he decided he wanted to work to improve prosthetic limbs.

“I watched my grandfather go through life with a prosthetic limb,” Camby says. “I want to work to advance prosthetic limbs for those who have to have them.”

Camby is now working to save money for graduate school where he plans to get a Master’s degree in Robotics. He works in Raleigh at a software development company. The job is a way to keep his robotics skills sharp while working to develop and improve factory management software for an international company.

The Asheville native enjoys patio gardening, going to the gym, riding bikes, and playing video games.