The beginning of a new school year often causes many people to reflect on their own school experiences. The yellow school buses, the falling leaves, and back to school sales can present many people with regrets about their educational experience. For many different reasons, people have to drop out of school. As their lives change, they often choose to go back to get a diploma. Returning to school is often motivated by a desire to get a better job or to go on to college.

Haywood Community College offers a couple of options for those looking to continue their education. One option is Adult High School. This is offered at no cost for students. Materials are provided at no charge. Many have chosen this option. Some have gone into the military, others went to college, and others found better employment. Classes are offered on campus and online. Adult High School has worked very well for people who only need a few credits. Many have been able to complete this program more quickly than other educational options.

Students who have completed the tenth grade are asked to provide transcripts to determine how many credits would be needed to graduate. Some students have needed all credits, but they wanted the experience of completing the program. There have been other students surprised to find out that they only needed one or two credits to graduate. The classes allow each student to progress at their own pace. Once they have graduated, students are ready for the next stage in their lives whether it is college, military, or employment.

According to Carroll Vernon, HCC Adult High School and High School Equivalency Instructor says, “Students often comment that they find learning much easier when they return. They are surprised that maturity and life experience along with a different environment provides for a successful learning experience.” 

Two recent graduates have stepped into new roles. Charles Fulk just started classes in college. He wants to get a two year transfer associate’s degree that will allow him to get a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. After review of his transcripts, he found he only needed four credits to graduate from high school.

Another recent graduate also found the process an easy one. Brennon Reichmann also needed only a few credits to graduate. He was able to do much of his work online, which provided an opportunity for him to work. He graduated and is now touring Europe as a graduation gift. After his tour, he will participate in an art internship program in Singapore. 

Anyone over 18 interested in pursuing an Adult High School diploma should bring a sealed copy of their transcripts to the 300 Building on the HCC campus. For questions about how to acquire transcripts or about Adult High School, please call 828-565-4182. Once transcripts have been read, there will be a private orientation and classes may start immediately.