Students at Central Haywood High School recently signed up through the Career and College Promise program to finish out their high school career while simultaneously earning college credit for free. While students continue to attend their high school classes at Central Haywood High, they will also matriculate on campus at Haywood Community College in the Electrical Systems Technology program this fall. Juniors who enter can finish the program in their senior year with a certificate already to their credit. For seniors who enter the program, they will need one more class to finish a certificate.

According to Jennings Sizemore, HCC Electrical Systems Technology instructor, through these classes, students will learn the codes and basic knowledge to prepare them to pass the state test. In addition, he will teach them the soft skills to prepare for and complete the interview process for seeking a job after graduation. “These are not your typical classes of sitting in the classroom,” he explains. “We work on projects outside the campus to gain real life, hands-on experience. These students will be training for jobs where there is demand. The electrical field has many workers at retirement age.”

Central Haywood Lead Teacher Donna Parris addressed the students saying, “This is such an opportunity for you. I hope you will take it seriously.”

As part of the Career and College Promise program, high school juniors and seniors can save time and money by earning college credit tuition free while still in high school. Students who meet academic eligibility requirements are able to enroll in college classes through career technical education or college transfer pathways.

For more information about HCC’s Career and College Promise program, please call 627-4579. For more information about HCC’s Electrical Technology program, please call 627-4637.