Wendy Hines, Haywood Community College Vice-President of Instruction, recognized students who had maintained a 4.0 average throughout their academic years at the college at a recent Honors Day held on the HCC campus. These outstanding students received the President’s Award. Following are the recipients: 

Kaleigh R. Barrett

Alicia Frances Blackwell

Marie Harris Blankenship

Jacqueline Paige Burris

Karen Marie Czerwonky

James Elijah Dennison

Domenick R. Fenton

Shannon Wayne Franklin

Travis Spencer Gresham

Scott Mitchel Howe

Jordan Thomas Luff

Jeanne Elizabeth Naber

Denielle L. Radcliff

Keisha Hicks Rooplal

Suzanne Studdard

Alexandria Paige Swanger

Mary H. Weir

Ted N. Williams

Kevin Barak Wittekind