Students in Haywood Community College’s Information Systems Technology Capstone Project Course recently completed design of a system to help Haywood County emergency management employees. The Haywood Multi Agency Coordination System (HAYMACS) can be used by police, fire, rescue, sheriff’s office, EMS, information technology, and health and human services employees to maintain contacts for both planned and unplanned events. The system will log who is on call at various agencies and allow users to upload files immediately and continuously.

According to Russ Virgo, HCC Computer Information Technology instructor, “This project has the potential to be used very widely throughout the county.”

The system works on personal computers, as well as any cell phone or mobile devices. Crucial information that may affect the response of certain situations can be shared between the agencies. For example, weather information or aerial photographs of a fire in progress can be shared with all personnel involved. This information may allow for quicker response time and could potential help save lives.

This Capstone Project at HCC is a course designed for students to develop a product to benefit a local nonprofit. Students complete the project over the span of a semester. This year’s project was suggested by Joey Webb, Jr., Haywood County Information Technology Network Administrator.

HCC Computer Information Technology student Leo Mooney says, “I enjoyed putting to use the overall experience of multi-level programming that was involved in this project. I also learned the importance of staying in sync and being organized while working alongside someone for a project of this size.”

For HCC Computer Information Technology student Lisa Mast, she says, “I enjoyed learning the importance of talking with the client and learning to take their needs and desires into account.”    

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