Haywood Community College will offer a series of skill building classes comprising Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Lutherie. HCC Professional Crafts alum and local Luthier, Bill Weinert will lead the series. 

Through these classes, Weinert will share his years of knowledge and teach students the history and construction of stringed instruments while remaining aware of small studio restrictions and budgets. Each student will leave these six-week courses with at least one hand crafted instrument of their own design, and the ability to continue this craft from the smallest of home workshops.

The intro class is open to all level of woodworkers and will cover instrument history, construction, fine-tuning and even how to play the instrument. This course is the first of three building-block courses taking the student through the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of instrument building. Each of the classes can be found at www.creativearts.haywood.edu: Intro to Lutherie (Cigar Box/Stick Dulcimer), Intermediate Lutherie (Appalachian Banjo/Lap Dulcimer), and Advanced Lutherie (Guitar/Fiddle).

Please call 828.565.4240 beginning January 3 for more information or to register.