Chances are 2017 Haywood Community College Medical Assisting graduate Carrie Cole will not come back to school anytime soon considering she had a job in the field a year into the program. If she finds herself in a classroom again, it will be at HCC.

“I first came to HCC for the nurse aide program,” she explains. “I loved all the teachers and the friendly staff.”

After working in the field as a certified nurse aide and deciding to pursue a medical assisting degree, Cole knew exactly where to go. “Throughout my time at HCC, I knew I always had someone to turn to. The instructors and staff are all great. If I ever go back to school again, HCC will be my first choice.”

Cole wanted to take medical assisting to further herself in the field. “Working in the medical field is a way I can help people. As a medical assistant, everything I do is helping a patient whether I work in the clinical or administrative side. And every day is different. Each patient has a different story.”

Cole works at Hazelwood Family Medicine. Now that graduation is over, she will work full-time.

“Finishing school is bittersweet,” Cole says. “I will miss the teachers and my classmates.”

For 2017 HCC Professional Crafts Fiber graduate Laura Magdycz, the program at HCC was a great experience. “I didn’t anticipate the program would be as amazing as it was,” she explains. “It was everything I hoped for and more.”

Magdycz first went on scholarship to a private four-year school in Philadelphia. According to the Virginia native, “The program in Philadelphia was geared toward mass production and that was not what I wanted to do.”

Magdycz learned about HCC while at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Hendersonville where she met a graduate of the program. “I looked into other schools but HCC was the only one that taught intensive hands-on concepts as well as the business aspect. I learned how to make it as a craftsperson.”

Magdycz explains what a great benefit it is for students to learn from instructors who have spent time running their own business. In addition, she enjoyed the creative freedom that the program allowed. 

Magdycz will move to Brasstown with her boyfriend, 2017 HCC Professional Craft Wood graduate Lindsey Liden. They will live on his family’s sheep farm. 

“I am so, so happy that I came to Haywood,” she explains. “It has been a great experience.”

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Photos by CarolSpags Photography. HCC Professional Crafts Fiber graduate Laura Magdycz (pictured left) plans to move with her boyfriend Lindsey Liden, HCC Professional Crafts wood graduate, (pictured right) to his family’s sheep farm in Brasstown. Magdycz found out about HCC from another graduate of the program.  Carrie Cole, HCC Medical Assisting graduate, plans to move from part-time to full-time work at Hazelwood Family Medicine after finishing her degree.