Haywood Community College’s Small Business Center will hold an “Ask a Human Resource Professional Day” Wednesday, September 6 from 3:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. at the Small Business Center located at 144 Industrial Park Drive, Waynesville. Registered participants can get FREE human resource advice about a startup or existing small business.

The speaker is Sara Phillips of HR Mavens. A native of Haywood County, Phillips graduated from UNC Greensboro with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. Her experience is primarily in the corporate finance realm of Human Resources. Her areas of expertise include talent selection, team development, management and leadership training, and employee relations.

HR Mavens was launched in 2016. With an eye for the big picture, adding value and getting things done right the first time, the business is committed and driven to helping small and medium-sized businesses in WNC. Whether that is understanding the full scope of a project in order to appropriately allocate resources and break it into manageable size pieces, or training on the fundamental HR skills that every entrepreneur should know when starting to grow their business, the HR Mavens passion lies in practical solutions that are scalable.

Pre-registration is required and appointments are limited in availability. To schedule your appointment, call 828.627.4512 or email kmgould@haywood.edu.

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