Walking into Tia Dana, a new shop on Main Street in Waynesville, promises to delight your senses. The vibrant colors of yarn, the whimsical hand-selected pieces, and the shy greeting of Freeway, the dog, welcomes any shopper.

Owner Dana Davidoff describes the store as a lifestyle and home décor store, as well as a local yarn shop specializing in handmade, American-made and Fairtrade items. In other words, a shop that has something for everyone.

This new-to-Waynesville entrepreneur is anything but new to the retail world. After 25 years and 13 stores, Davidoff has built skills and success along the way. “With this shop, I wanted to open something that resonates with me,” she explains. “This store is a reflection of my personality and things I like.”

These include all natural fibers and products from companies that give back to the community, companies that support charities and are ethically and morally responsible.

As for the name of the store, it is also a reflection of Davidoff. With relatives in Peru who affectionately call her ‘Tia Dana,’ which is Spanish for Aunt Dana, she is following through on a request by her dad to name one of her ventures after herself.

While any entrepreneur will acknowledge that owning a business is full of ups and downs, Davidoff admits that you never know from day to day whether you will make a dime or a dollar. It’s the gamble she loves. “I love introducing people to new things and companies they haven’t heard of.”

Davidoff came to Waynesville on a whim from Texas. “I just love the vibe of downtown Main Street. And I love that random people walk through the door.”   

Davidoff’s start in knitting came by chance. Seeing a poncho in a storefront window, she walked in to buy the piece. She was told the poncho was not for sale. Her solution was to learn how to make it herself. While Davidoff has tackled many knitting projects, the poncho is not one of them.

Tia Dana also offers classes to learn to knit and crochet, as well as a time set aside to meet and knit together.

Once the decision was made to start a shop in Waynesville, Davidoff learned from close friends and local store owners about the resources provided by Haywood Community College’s Small Business Center Director Katy Gould.

“Katy helped me learn about the business environment in Haywood County,” Davidoff says. “She really has her thumb on the pulse of business here. She’s a great resource.”

Tia Dana is located at 26 North Main Street, Waynesville. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. and Sunday noon until 5 p.m. To learn more, please visit www.tiadana.com.

Visit SBC.Haywood.edu or call 828.627.4512 for additional information or to register today. Thinking about starting a business in Haywood County or growing an existing business? Take advantage of the programs, services, and resources provided by the Small Business Center. The NC Community College’s Small Business Center Network facilitates an economic impact in 90 percent of all NC counties each year and ranks number one in the U.S. for total business seminars and participants. In addition, the network helps start an average of over 700 businesses every year and works to create and retain 3,800 jobs annually for North Carolina. Visit ncsbc.net for more information.

Dana Davidoff, owner of Tia Dana in Waynesville, enjoys the vibe of downtown Main Street. She is pictured in the shop with official store greeter Freeway, the dog.