Haywood Community College offers many choices for those wanting to obtain a High School Equivalency Diploma (Formerly GED®), including evening classes. The program meets 5:30-8:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday on the main campus.

The High School Equivalency Diploma is a way that adults who did not finish a formal high school program can receive a high school credential. This diploma is a nationally-recognized program and certifies the attainment of high school level academic knowledge and skills.

The program at HCC provides instruction in subject areas in preparation for taking the High School Equivalency exams. The subject areas are language arts (reading and writing), mathematics, science and social studies. The High School Equivalency can be obtained by taking either the GED® or the HiSET test.

People choose to pursue a High School Equivalency Diploma for numerous reasons. Some of these are to become better prepared for the workplace, develop skills to get a better job, create a stronger presence in family life or prepare for college.

A prime example of this is HCC High School Equivalency instructor Jennifer Bradshaw. She dropped out of high school and got married at age 17. Within a year, she came to HCC to get a GED®. At age 34, Bradshaw returned to HCC where she completed studies for an associate in arts degree in 2010. She continued her education at Western Carolina University where she received a bachelor’s degree in special education. “With my educational history, I feel like I have a good perspective on what these students face. I hope they learn the importance of persistence and confidence.”

HCC High School Equivalency instructor and associate in arts graduate Jeremy Pless explains how persistence pays off. “At times, coming back to school will be frustrating, but frustration is part of learning. I think it says something when a student takes on a task and sees it through. Potential employers pay attention to that.”

Bradshaw notes that the College is especially effective in supporting their students. “When I came back as a student, I was successful because of the support and encouragement I received. The best part of my job is supporting these students who want to improve their lives.”

Classes and materials are free. GED® testing and HiSET charge fees for the test. The HCC Foundation has established a scholarship fund for qualified students who need assistance with testing fees.    

For more information, please call 828-627-4648.  

Donated photos. Pictured is one of the instructors, Jennifer Bradshaw. She is also a graduate of the program.

Haywood Community College offers many choices for those wanting to obtain a High School Equivalency Diploma including evening classes.  Jeremy Pless, HCC High School Equivalency instructor, says that finishing a high school credential sends a strong message to potential employers.