Haywood Community College students started fall semester with a new bookstore. Follett Higher Learning transformed the bookstore into a campus store offering a streamlined process and more options at a lower cost for students. The mission of Follett is to provide a hassle-free experience.

Morgan Crane is manager of the campus store. She comes to HCC from UNC-Asheville, which also operates a Follett store. Crane brings several years of experience with Follett to HCC.  

Follett is used by college campuses across the nation, which means it is a larger corporation that can offer more options and competitive pricing, as well as distributor discounts. Students can rent textbooks and save about 75 percent, which is a huge benefit to our students, many of whom receive financial assistance of some kind. Now students also have the additional option of ordering books online. With this option, the books can be mailed directly to the student or they could be picked up in the campus store. Follett also offers more used textbook options, which also means lower cost. The campus store offers price match with Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Through the new campus store, students can bring in their books for book buy-back year-round as opposed to a few times per year.  

Follett Discover, a suite of technology solutions, will allow students to view, shop and instantly access their required and recommended course material.  

The campus store at HCC is open to the community and offers official HCC gear, snacks and school supplies. The store will hold flash sales and will be increasing their inventory.

For more information about HCC’s campus store, visit haywood.edu.