Haywood Community College’s Workforce Continuing Education Department will offer “Tools to Talk Forestry” class for North Carolina real estate professionals. There are great benefits for these professionals to learn about forestry in the state. The ability to “read” a piece of land can help make the property more appealing to a potential client. For example, being able to share the history of the property may make it come alive and allow the client to attach emotional value to it. Being able to identify common flowering trees and shrubs will make a piece of property seem more appealing, even if it is being viewed outside of the flowering season. 

Additionally, knowing if there are trees which provide good fall color and/or which may be good timber trees will increase the value of the land to a client. If the client is interested in timber production, the ability to state whether the site is highly productive and if good timber trees are present will help enhance the land’s value. Being able to share more than just the basics (i.e., acreage, location, taxes) with a potential buyer will help the real estate sales professional increase interest, quell concerns and make a sale.  

The goal of the all-day workshop is to help NC real estate professionals provide valuable information about sustainable forest management to new forest landowners. Topics include:  understanding common technical terms used by loggers and forestry professionals, land use history, issues affecting woodland owners in NC, income opportunities and assistance available, basic tree identification, site quality determination and an introduction to a new woodland owner guide “Welcome to Your NC Woodlands! A Guide for North Carolina Woodland Owners.”

The course is offered by Dr. James Jeuck and Gary Fitzgerald, faculty in HCC’s Arts, Sciences and Natural Resources Department. It will be held on the College’s main campus Saturday, November 3, 3300 building, room 3313, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. with a one-hour lunch break on your own.  This course is approved for four continuing education units by the NC Real Estate Commission.

Please call (828) 564-5128 for more information.