Haywood Community College’s continuing education creative arts department will host American Bladesmith Society (ABS) fall workshops on the College campus. Those interested can choose from Forged Tomahawk November 2 through 4, Leather Sheath December 7 through 8 and Friction Folder December 7 through 9.

According to the American Bladesmith Society, Inc. website, “ABS Bladesmiths represent the cutting edge of forged blade performance and design on six continents. The mission is preserving and promoting the ancient craft of forged knives through education, testing and certification.”  

Forged Tomahawk will be led by ABS Journeyman Smith Josh Lyle. The class will cover selection of steel, forging, drifting the eye, heat-treating and handle construction. The objective of the class is for each student to compete a tomahawk. Space is limited for this workshop. Cost is $252.

ABS Journeyman Ken Hall will lead the Leather Sheath class. The class will cover leather selection, making a pattern, cutting leather, basic tooling, dyeing and hand stitching. Students will complete sheath for a medium sized knife that they bring to class. Cost is $190.

ABS Master Smith Andrew Meer will lead the Friction Folder class. The class will cover material selection, blade and handle design, construction, techniques of proper fit and finishing. Each student will complete a friction folder. Space is limited for this workshop. Cost is $252.

According to Ken Hall, ABS Journeyman Smith, “The American Bladesmith Society is a nonprofit corporation that was formed primarily to encourage and promote activities involving the art and science of forging edged tools. The objectives of the educational programs are to inform and educate knife makers and the public about the art, science, technology, history and culture relating to forged edged tools, weapons and artifacts, and the proper care and use of these objects.

Coming this spring, HCC Continuing Education Creative Arts will host Introduction to Bladesmithing March 18 and 19, as well as the Smoky Mountain Hammer-In March 21 through 24.      

For more information about any of these classes, please visit creativearts.haywood.edu or call 828-565-4240.