Haywood Community College’s College & Career Readiness Department was awarded the highest rating in the state for Basic Skills Student Progress according to the Performance Measures for Student Success Report. This report is generated by the North Carolina Community College System. The Basic Skills Student Progress measures student academic progression of adult learners with low literacy skills toward basic skills attainment that is necessary for employment and self-sufficiency. HCC’s score was the highest in the state at 88%. 

For George Adams, current student who is pursuing a High School Equivalency at HCC, a huge factor in this successful rating is attributed to the caring instructors at the College. “The instructors are interested in you,” he explains. “They want to work with you. They make me want to be here each day and this is coming from someone who has never wanted to be in school.”

Adams said going to a job interview and having the interview promptly end when the employer found out he had no high school degree prompted him to start classes at HCC.

According to Carroll Vernon, HCC College & Career Readiness instructor, “One of the keys to helping our students is treating them as an individual. We want to help them wherever they may need help. We want them to reach their goals and be able to take the next step. We really do care about these students.”

Lauren Berry finished the High School Equivalency program at HCC and is now enrolled in the Medical Assisting program. She says the attitude the teachers have and the way they treat students makes all the difference. “The instructors motivate you. They don’t criticize you.”

HCC High School Equivalency instructor Kristin Mabry empowers her students by working to build their confidence. “What they overcome to go to school is amazing. If they work through these obstacles, they need to know that they can do anything. When they pass a test, we all celebrate. We motivate each other.”

“We get to know the students and take time with each one,” explains instructor Roni Decker. “We know they may have worked all night before coming into class. We know they may have a hard time finding transportation.”

HCC instructor Adam Blanton says the team of instructors work together to share insight into each student. “We realize everyone is different. We find out what interests each student and relate it to their education.”

HCC’s College & Career Readiness programs teach basic academic and fundamental skills. Students can enroll for the High School Equivalency Diploma (formerly GED®), Adult High School, or Adult Basic Education. All classes are year round and free of charge. HCC offers flexible hours of instruction as well as online options. Orientation is required and held weekly. To register or for more information, please call 828-627-4648.