Haywood Community College registration for summer and fall semesters is open now through April 26 for both new and continuing students. The College provides career planning assistance to individuals at any stage of the career planning process.

In addition, various assessment tools are available to identify career options that are compatible with individual personalities, interests, values, talents and skills. Career counseling helps individuals discover the right academic path to fit career choices, as well as provide research on labor market information. Sessions also help individuals create a realistic educational plan to accomplish career goals.

HCC’s curriculum programs are divided into nine career clusters. See what’s right for you.

Natural Resources, Agriculture and Food is a good fit for those who enjoy working with plants and animals or working to conserve natural resources and protect the environment.

Creative Arts, A/V Technical and Communication is for individuals who enjoy using artistic creativity including careers in professional crafts and personal exploration of creative arts, homesteading, photography and more.

Education and Human Services is ideal for those who like to help people and have a positive impact on others. This cluster provides careers in early childhood education and human services such as cosmetology.

Health Sciences are for those who enjoy helping people feel better or want to seek the opportunity in the ever-growing medical field. This cluster includes careers in planning, managing and providing therapeutic services, diagnostic services, health informatics and support services.

Construction, Manufacturing and Transportation appeal to those who like to fix or create things or find new solutions to old problems. This career cluster uses machines and equipment to address needs in auto repair, manufacturing and more.  

Business Administration, Finance and Marketing is a great fit for those with an entrepreneurial mindset, those who like to work with numbers, computers or the endless possibilities of business. This cluster includes careers in accounting, finance, business, marketing and technology.

Public Administration and Public Safety is perfect for individuals who are interested in the protection and service of others. Careers may include local government, law, fire, police, emergency medical services and more.

Hospitality and Tourism is a major part of our economy. Career options may include management or quality customer service.

College Transfer/STEM Programs are an affordable place to start for those wanting to earn a four-year degree. This career cluster includes associate in arts, science and engineering degrees, as well as the associate in general education-nursing.

With a variety of associate, diploma, and certificate programs to choose from, students can take the first step to map their future and guide our world. For assistance with career counseling, please call 828-627-4500. For more information about registration, visit haywood.edu or email hcc-advising@haywood.edu.