Photo by Samantha Nelson. Haywood Community College recently awarded two fish and wildlife management students the 2019 Dave Dudek Wildlife Award. The award is named for retired fish and wildlife instructor and founding HCC student chapter of The Wildlife Society advisor, Dave Dudek. Pictured left to right are: HCC fish & wildlife lead instructor Shannon Rabby; student award winner Parker Grandy, student award winner Andrew Jones and Dave Dudek.

The Haywood Community College Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society recently announced the recipients of the 2019 Dave Dudek Wildlife Award. HCC fish and wildlife management technology students Parker Grandy and Andrew Jones will both receive a scholarship and another honor to add to their resumes.  

The award is named for retired fish and wildlife instructor and the founding advisor of the HCC student chapter of The Wildlife Society, Dave Dudek. The award is presented to two fish and wildlife students who are on track to graduate in the following spring. The award is designed to recognize outstanding leadership, scholarship, and dedication to the wildlife management profession.

Applicants are scored on their current grade point average; chapter involvement with events such as Big Sweep and Forest Festival Day; and professional development through volunteer experience at natural resource conservation agencies.

Grandy will continue his education at the University of Georgia after finishing HCC where he will pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

“My dream is to manage waterfowl and provide the resources needed to preserve and protect them,” Grandy says. “I want to create a positive and understandable outlook on the management efforts we all work so hard to keep for future generations.”

Jones also plans to continue his education to get a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology and a master’s degree in marine biology.

“I have always been interested in both terrestrial and marine creatures and would like the option of working with either,” Jones explains. “I would like to start off my career as a wildlife research technician and perhaps become a biologist later in life.”

For more information about HCC’s fish and wildlife program or the HCC Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society, please call 627-4592.