HCC student Darby Hand is pictured competing in the Standing Block Chop event while coach Alex Storm looks in the foreground. 

HCC student Tara Messer is shown competing in the Pole Climb.

HCC students are shown cheering on their teammate at the recent John G. Palmer Intercollegiate Woodsmen’s Meet. The HCC Lumberjack Team claimed first place.

Haywood Community College’s Lumberjack team recently took first place against six competing teams at the 24th Annual John G. Palmer Intercollegiate Woodsmen’s Meet.  The event, which was held in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service’s Forest Festival Day at the Cradle of Forestry historical site, was attended by Western Carolina University, West Virginia University, Montgomery Community College, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, North Carolina State University and Appalachian State University.

HCC started and ended the day strong to secure a very close first place overall finish, barely edging out Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, who finished second. Montgomery Community College’s strong showing earned them a third place overall finish, followed closely by the remaining Universities.  For HCC, the students placed well in both academic events, as well as the more traditional lumberjack events.  

Individual place winners for HCC are as follows:

Quiz Bowl – first Place: Andrew Jones, Josh Anderson, Mike Gilgunn, Oliver Watts

Dendrology – first Place: Andrew Jones & Delaney Goforth

Archery – first Place: Trey Huffman

Axe Throw (Women) – second Place: Angie James

Orienteering – second Place: Delaney Goforth  

Underhand Chop (Women) – first Place: Taylor Mashburn

Standing Block Chop – second Place: Darby Hand

Jill and Jill Crosscut – first Place: Taylor Mashburn & Tara Messer

Jack and Jack Crosscut – first Place: Channing Watson & Trey Huffman

Jack and Jill Crosscut – second Place: Taylor Mashburn & Alec Parsons

Pole Climb (Men) – first Place: Dylan Mehaffey, third Place: Dylan Carswell

Chain Saw (Women) – third Place: Angie James

Bolt Split (Men) – third Place: Dylan Carswell

Single Buck (Women) – second Place: Taylor Mashburn

Underhand Chop (Men) – first Place: Darby Hand, second Place: Alec Parsons

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