Haywood Community College Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the College has resolved all legal matters related to the design and initial construction of the Creative Arts Building, now named Sycamore, which opened in 2013. Upon completion, the LEED certified building was soon found to have multiple issues of a cosmetic and functional nature that needed to be addressed. These issues included incomplete finishing work, deficient materials and flooring installation, and inadequate systems design and construction.

In order to resolve these matters, the HCC Board of Trustees has pursued corrective action over the past few years and has settled multiple claims for a total of $700,000 in cash received and approx. $150,000 in corrective action and other compensation. These funds will be used to address remaining concerns in the facility that have not yet been corrected by contractors or campus development. HCC has continued to fully utilize the facilities since opening and is pleased to move forward in a positive direction to support the professional crafts programs by making additional improvements.

HCC’s Professional Crafts department offers 2-year, degree and diploma seeking intensive courses of study in Clay, Fiber, Jewelry, and Wood. This unique coursework offers students not only the hands-on experience professional artists require, but also the marketing and business knowledge they need to become professional artists and business owners. In addition to diploma seeking students, continuing education students can enjoy one or multiple Creative Arts classes to learn a new hobby or enhance a skillset. In 2019, the Professional Crafts and Creative Arts programs collectively saw over 600 enrollments, demonstrating the strong interest in and need for these programs.

The HCC Professional Crafts diploma program is the only one in the region offering this combination of four different pathways with different mediums. Students come from across the nation to attend these programs knowing they will be fully immersed to pursue their career as a professional artist upon completion.

The Mary L. Cornwell gallery holds multiple shows throughout the year and is open to the public. The College maintains relationships with our Professional Craft alumni, showcasing their work in the gallery, working with them at advisory meetings, and sharing their successes.

Students and graduates have been featured in numerous publications and have received scholarships for prestigious opportunities across the country, including involvement with Southern Highlands Craft Guild.