The Small Business Center at Haywood Community College will offer a New Business Planning webinar series for those interested in starting a small business with speaker Mike Collins. For attendee flexibility in attendance, each webinar in this series will be offered twice: Mondays, 7- 8 pm and Tuesdays, 2 -3pm, July 13th through August 4th.

Webinars will cover core topics of the business planning process including business start-up, marketing, business planning and ideation. The Business Planning Virtual Learning Series will include the following webinars:

7/13 & 7/14 - The Best Small Business to Start Right Now


What would be the best small business for YOU to start right now? Would a business bring in extra income or provide a job? The Best Small Business to Start Right Now can help you answer that question.

The program will focus on four areas: 
- How to create a business idea that fits you
- Businesses you can start for under $100
- “Hot” businesses that will grow in coming years. The program will list over 30 types of businesses with growth potential.
- Five easy-to-use steps to starting a business.

7/20 & 7/21 - ABCs of Starting a Small Business in Today’s Crazy Economy


In ABCs of Starting a Small Business in Today’s Crazy Economy, you will learn the basics of small business start-up. The program will include: 
- The only five resources everyone has 
- How to find out about licenses 
- Should you incorporate? 
- How to hire good people 
- How to create low-cost advertising 
- Two questions to ask any expert 
- How to do a quick business plan 
- Where the money will come from 

7/27 & 7/28 - Creating a Winning Business Plan

We all know that, whether your business is a service, retail, manufacturing or direct marketing, you need a plan. And, in today’s wild, wild west marketplace, a business plan is more important than ever. 

Creating a Winning Business Plan will offer simple, easy-to-follow steps for creating a business plan that fits your business. 

The program will focus on: 
- The quickest, easiest way to create a simple business plan
- How to create a full-length plan that can guide your business
- Which parts of the plan must be done in specific ways
- Which parts of the plan bankers focus on 
- How to create the important marketing segment of the plan
- What the plan must look like

8/3 & 8/4 - Dynamite Marketing on a Firecracker Budget

Successful business owners know that marketing is the most important part of any business. Believe it or not, even in today’s challenging marketplace, it has never been as easy or economical to do great, profitable marketing!

In Dynamite Marketing on a Firecracker Budget you will learn:
- 35 ways to grab new customers in a tight economy
- How to choose the social media your customers pay attention to
- How to network quickly and easily in a keep-your-distance marketplace
- The top 5 marketing tools every business needs 
- How get inexpensive creative assistance

Attendees are encouraged to register for the webinars that best meet their current small business needs and availability.

Visit or call 828.627.4512 for additional information or to register today. Thinking about starting a business in Haywood County or growing an existing business? Take advantage of the programs, services, and resources provided by the Small Business Center. The NC Community College’s Small Business Center Network facilitates an economic impact in 90 percent of all NC counties each year and ranks number one in the U.S. for total business seminars and participants. In addition, the network helps start an average of over 700 businesses every year and works to create and retain 3,800 jobs annually for North Carolina. Visit for more information.