At Haywood Community College, scholarships make an outstanding impact on students, helping them meet their educational goals by relieving them of the worry often associated with paying for college. For the 2019-2020 academic year, almost $400,000 was funded by donors through 644 scholarships impacting 350 students.

As the first in her family to have the opportunity to attend college, Criminal Justice Technology student Emily Ann Almany explains how receiving a scholarship helped her. “You have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus on the most crucial aspect of school, learning.”

HCC Foundation Board of Directors Chair Jon Overbay says, “The generosity of donors offers a lifeline and a beacon of hope for all our students, our college and our community.”

HCC Fish & Wildlife Management student Gina Kelley says, “When you decide to change your life, it often seems like a simple thank you is never big enough when someone steps in to help. The funds I received goes a long way towards my educational goals.”

The scholarship application period for spring semester is now open. Students must be registered for classes to apply. Apply for scholarships by visiting   

Haywood Community College extends congratulations to all students who received scholarships and is thankful for our very generous donors. For more information about the HCC Foundation or how to become a donor, please contact Pam Hardin at 627-4544 or