Haywood Community College recently received a $19,000 Dogwood Health Trust grant for technology support of online learning for students at the College. The funds will be used to purchase computers and internet access in order to address the digital and technology divide faced by students. These obstacles have been made more apparent by the pandemic.

According to data from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), 17.3% of Haywood County homes have no computer, and 30.4% have no internet access. This project will use the grant funds to purchase devices such as computers and hotspots and subsidize monthly service provider fees that allow students to access the internet.

The Dogwood Health Trust website explains that the purpose of the foundation is to dramatically improve the health and wellbeing of all people and communities of Western North Carolina.

HCC strives to assist students when they face barriers to keep them on track to achieve their educational goals. When students encounter an unforeseen issue, it can be difficult for them to overcome the crisis and often will negatively affect their ability to attend classes and stay on track to graduate. Without higher education credentials, finding a job that pays a family-sustaining wage can be challenging.

For more information about how to give to the HCC Foundation, please visit haywood.edu, email pahardin@haywood.edu or call 828-627-4522. Spring registration is now open. For more information about registration, visit haywood.edu or email hcc-advising@haywood.edu.