Policies and Procedures

Haywood Community College Policies and Procedures

The Haywood Community College Policies and Procedures Manual is currently undergoing review and revision. The contents of this page will change as policies are reviewed and revised. Please check back often for the current active polices and procedures.

Table of Contents

General Information (Current)

Policy 1.1: Public Records

Procedure 1.1.1: Public Records Procedure


Board of Trustees and Governance (Newly Approved)

Policy 1.1: Power and Duties of Trustees

Policy 1.2: Trustee Member Legal Status

Policy 1.3: Confidential Information

Policy 1.4: Conflict of Interest

Policy 1.5: Adopting Policies and Procedures

Policy 1.6: Board Meetings and Minutes Procedures

Policy 1.7: Board Attorney

General Policies (Current)

Policy 3.1: College Operating Hours

Procedure 3.1.1: College Operating Hours

Policy 3.2: Affirmative Action Plan

Policy 3.3: Americans With Disabilities Act

Policy 3.5: Charitable Donations

Procedure 3.5.1: Charitable Donations

Policy 3.6: College Mission Statement

Policy 3.7: College Planning

Procedure 3.7.1: Strategic Planning

Policy 3.9: Conflict of Interest

Policy 3.10: Degree Granting Authority

Policy 3.11: Distribution of Keys

Policy 3.12: Emergency Situations

Procedure 3.12.1: In Case of Emergency

Policy 3.13: Equal Employment Opportunity

Policy 3.14: Ethics and Undue Influence

Policy 3.15: Evaluation of the President

Policy 3.16: Hazard Communication

Policy 3.17: Honorary Awards

Policy 3.18: Intellectual Property

Policy 3.19: Parking and Traffic

Procedure 3.19.1: Parking and Traffic

Policy 3.20: Personal Use of HCC Property

Policy 3.21: Policy and Procedure Development and Adoption

Procedure 3.21.1: Policy and Procedure Development and Adoption

Policy 3.23: Public Relations and Publicity

Policy 3.24: Removal of Board of Trustees Member

Policy 3.25: Reporting Criminal Activity

Procedure 3.25.1: Reporting Criminal Activity

Policy 3.26: Risk Management

Policy 3.27: Seizure of Buildings and Disturbances on Campus

Policy 3.28: Services to External Agencies, Groups, and Individuals

Policy 3.29: Solicitation and Public Assembly

Procedure 3.29.1: Solicitation and Public Assembly

Policy 3.30: Tobacco Free Campus

Procedure 3.30.1: Tobacco Free Campus

Policy 3.31: Weapons on Campus

Policy 3.32: Reporting of Substantive Change

Procedure 3.32.1: Reporting of Substantive Change

Policy 3.33: Sustainable Development

Procedure 3.33.1: Campus Landscape Planting

Procedure 3.33.2: ENERGY STAR© Rated Product Procurement

Procedure 3.33.3: Purchase of Paper, Paper Products, and Other Related Paper Consumables

Procedure 3.33.4: Parking – Designated Carpooling Spaces

Procedure 3.33.5: College Vehicle No Idle Procedure

Procedure 3.33.6: Energy and Water Efficiency Procedure

Procedure 3.33.7: Recycling Procedure

Policy 3.35: Instructional Service Agreements

Policy 3.36: Foreign National Compliance Policy

Procedure 3.36.1: HCC Procedures to Identify and Pay Foreign Nationals-Aliens

Policy 3.37: Open Communication

Policy 3.38: Disruptive Behavior

Policy 3.39: Naming College Property

Procedure 3.39.1: Naming College Property

Policy 3.40: Campus Security Reporting – Clery Act


Other Procedures

Procedure 3.1: Surplus of College Textbooks

Procedure 3.2: Research Review Procedure


Human Resources (Newly Approved)

Policy 3.1.1: Equal Employment Opportunity 

Policy 3.1.2: Employment

Procedure Employment Procedures

Procedure New Employee Orientation

Procedure Employee Exit Procedure

Policy 3.1.3: Employment Classifications and Working Hours

Procedure Full-Time Curriculum Working Hours and Teaching Load

Procedure Part-Time Curriculum Working Hours and Teaching Load

Procedure Full and Part-Time Non-curriculum Working Hours

Policy 3.1.4: Compensatory Time

Policy 3.1.5: Re-Employment of Retired Persons

Policy 3.1.6: Employment of Relatives

Policy 3.1.7: Salary Plan

Procedure Salary Plans

Policy 3.1.8: Professional Development

Procedure Professional Development

Policy 3.1.9: Workforce Continuing Education Professional Service Agreements

Procedure WCE Professional Service Agreements

Policy 3.2.1: Benefits

Procedure Benefits Overview

Procedure ACA Measurements Periods

Policy 3.2.2:  Longevity Pay

Procedure Longevity Pay

Policy 3.2.3: Employee Tuition Exemption

Policy 3.2.4: Leave

Policy 3.2.5: Sick Leave

Policy 3.2.6: Annual Leave 

Policy 3.2.7: Educational Leave

Procedure Educational Leave

Policy 3.2.8: Civil Leave

Policy 3.2.9: Workers’ Compensation Leave and Benefits

Policy 3.2.10: Bonus Leave

Policy 3.2.11: Adverse Weather-Emergency Closings

Procedure Adverse Weather-Emergencies

Policy 3.2.12: Voluntary Shared Leave

Policy 3.2.13: FMLA

Policy 3.2.14: Child Involvement Leave

Policy 3.2.15: Military Leave Policy

Policy 3.2.16: Bereavement Leave

Policy 3.2.17: Leave without Pay

Policy 3.2.18: Holidays

Policy 3.3.1: Personnel Files

Policy 3.3.2: Evaluations 

Policy 3.3.3: Code of Employee Conduct

Procedure Arrest and Convictions

Procedure Dress and Personal Care

Procedure Telephone-Cell Phone Usage

Policy 3.3.4: Discipline Action Suspension and Dismissal

Policy 3.3.5: Contract Nonrenewal and Resignation

Policy 3.3.6: Right of Appeal

Policy 3.3.7: Discrimination and Harassment

Procedure Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

Procedure Unlawful Discrimination

Policy 3.3.8: Grievance

Policy 3.3.9: Reduction of Force – Involuntary Leave without Pay

Policy 3.4.1: Conflict of Interest

Policy 3.4.2: Employee Political Activity

Policy 3.4.3: Weapons on Campus

Policy 3.4.4: Drug and Alcohol on Campus

Policy 3.4.5: Communicable Diseases – Bloodborne Pathogens

Policy 3.4.6: Academic Freedom

Policy 3.4.7: Telecommuting 

Policy 3.4.8: Secondary Employment

Policy 3.4.9: Service Animals


Faculty (Current)

Policy 4.1: Academic Freedom and Responsibility 

Policy 4.2: Academic Year

Policy 4.3: Continuing Education and Accountability and Credibility

Policy 4.4: Faculty Qualifications

Policy 4.5: Faculty Teaching Loads

Policy 4.6: Live Projects by Department

Procedure 4.6.1: Collecting Autobody Shop and Faculty Automotive Shop Fees

Policy 4.7: Self Supporting Class

Policy 4.8: Summer Term

Policy 4.9: Curriculum Prerequisite/Co-requisite

Procedure 4.9.1: Approval of Prerequisite/Co-requisite Credit: Alternatives to Course Completion

Other Procedures

Procedure 4.1: Curriculum Course or Program Application Procedure

Procedure 4.2: Chronological Verification Process for Academic Procedures and Revisions to HCC Catalog/Handbook

Procedure 4.3: Existing Program Revision Process

Procedure 4.4: Procedure for Getting a Student Out of Class Which is in Session

Procedure 4.5: Access to Non-Student Transcripts


Student Services (Current)

Policy 5.1: Admissions

Procedure 5.1.1: Admissions Procedure

Policy 5.3: Student Right to Know

Policy 5.4: Student Rights and Code of Conduct

Procedure 5.4.1: Student Grievance Procedure

Procedure 5.4.2: Voluntary Medical Withdrawal Procedure

Procedure 5.4.3: Involuntary/Administrative Withdrawal for Students with Medical, Mental/Psychological Conditions or Disabilities

Policy 5.5: Waiver of Tuition and Student Activity Fee for High School Student

Policy 5.6: Confidentiality and Security of Student Information

Procedure 5.6.1: Confidentiality and Security of Student Information Campus-wide Procedure

Policy 5.7: Student Discipline

Procedure 5.7.1: Student Discipline Procedure

Policy 5.8: Right to Use Student’s Work
Policy 5.9: Class Absence for Religious Observance

Policy 5.10: Financial Aid

Policy 5.11: Discrimination Harassment and Sexual Violence

Other Procedures

Procedure 5.1: How to Apply for Financial Aid

Procedure 5.3: Enrollment of High School Students

Procedure 5.4: 10% Attendance and No Show Reporting


Business Services (Newly Approved)

Policy 6.1.1: Tuition and Fees 

Policy 6.1.2: Tuition Residency Requirements

Policy 6.1.3: Self-Supporting

Policy 6.1.4: Tuition-Fee Refunds

Policy 6.2.1: Fiscal Year and Budgeting Process

Policy 6.2.2: Insurance

Policy 6.2.3: Securety Bonds

Policy 6.2.4: Facsimile Signatures 

Policy 6.2.6: Audits

Policy 6.2.7: Official Depositories and Investments

Policy 6.2.8: Disbursement of Funds

Policy 6.2.9: Debit Collection

Policy 6.2.10: Methods of Payment

Policy 6.2.11: Foundation

Policy 6.2.12: Review of Grant Funded Projects and Programs

Policy 6.3.1: Bookstore Operations

Policy 6.3.2: Vending and Concessions

Policy 6.3.3: Expenditure of State Funds

Policy 6.3.4: Financial Reimbursements

Policy 6.3.5: Chart of Accounts

Policy 6.3.6: Contracting Authority

Policy 6.3.7: Purchasing

Policy 6.3.8: Historically Underutilized Business

Policy 6.3.9: Payment Card Security

Policy 6.3.10: Identity Theft Red Flag

Policy 6.3.11: Foreign National Compliance

Policy 6.3.12: Iran Divestment List


Information Technology (Newly Approved)

Policy 7.1: Technology Services

Procedure 7.1.1: New Employee Technology Access

Procedure 7.1.2: Video Conference Room

Procedure 7.1.3: Employee Personal Computer Use

Procedure 7.1.4: Priority Use of Computer Resources

Procedure 7.1.5: Mobile Equipment

Procedure 7.1.6: ID and Password Authentication

Procedure 7.1.7: Information Technology Services Request

Policy 7.2: Internet and Acceptable Use

Policy 7.3: Electronic Records Retention

Policy 7.4: Electronic Signatures

Policy 7.5: Social Media

Policy 7.6: Peer-to-Peer File Sharing