The Administration of Haywood Community College is authorized by North Carolina law to regulate and govern the use of motor vehicles on campus. Student parking areas as well as faculty and staff parking areas are designated on the campus, and speed limits are as posted or advertised. Any student, faculty, and staff vehicles which are operated and parked on campus are required to be registered with the College immediately upon registration of a new student or upon a new employee assuming duties. Registration is necessary for any vehicle an individual parks on campus. Faculty, Staff and Students will obtain new parking permits at the beginning of each academic year.

Haywood Community College reserves the right to tow any vehicle on Haywood Community College property “at the owner’s expense”.

Haywood Community College Armed Resource Officers (ARO) have authority to issue state citations for any state violation.

Refer to the Haywood Community College Procedure for listed violations and fines enforced by Campus Security and Armed Resource Officers.

  1. Parking and Traffic
Effective Wednesday, February 18, 2009, Amended Monday, January 26, 2009