In Support of Policy 1.1 Public Records Policy


The general public may request access to or copies of Haywood Community College public records through the Haywood Community College Marketing and Communications Office. All requests will be acted upon in a timely manner. Public information requests that require fact gathering by one or more Haywood Community College offices or departments may result in a longer response time.

The process for obtaining public information as defined by Policy 1.1 Public Records Policy is as follows.

  1. The information request may be submitted to the Haywood Community College Marketing and Communications Office either by telephone, e-mail or written communication. The HCC Marketing and Communications Office reserves the right to ask for a written request for clarification purposes. The written request can be by e-mail, fax or letter correspondence.
  2. Information requested may be provided as an e-mail communication, on a CD, as hard copies, or video material where applicable and as agreed upon with the requestor. Hard copies, CDs, and video material will be furnished upon payment of processing fees.
  3. If documents requested are extensive, the requestor may view them in person at the College during its normal working hours and under College supervision.
  4. If a person has access to the Internet, and the requested information is readily available on the HCC web site, he or she may be directed to the appropriate url address to electronically access the information.