Enforcing compliance of the tobacco free policy will be a responsibility of the campus community at large. College administrators, faculty and staff will be asked to remind everyone of the tobacco free policy.

HCC is a tobacco free campus. Faculty and staff who observe non-compliance of the tobacco policy have the following options:

  1. Remind the person involved of the tobacco free policy and thank them for future compliance; provide student’s name to Student Success Services Executive Director
  2. Contact HCC Security to inform them of the tobacco violation and request their presence to address the issue
  3. Contact the instructor or staff member of the student involved in the non-compliance so they can make an announcement in their class or department reminding students of the tobacco free policy

For Students

A progressive compliance policy is implemented for students. The first time a student is observed using tobacco they will be given a verbal warning of violation of the tobacco free policy. The second time a campus security officer or employee observes the same individual using tobacco they will be issued a citation by campus security. Repeat violations will result in a referral to the Executive Director of Student Success Services for a disciplinary conference.

For Employees

Employees who fail to comply with the policy will be handled through the regular supervisory discipline process.

For Visitors

Visitors to campus who fail to comply would be given invitational reminders of the college policy with a request that they comply in the future.

Emphasis should be given towards positive methods of ensuring compliance.

Effective Friday, September 3, 2010