Our Mission:

To provide a safe, nurturing, challenging, teaching and learning environment that instills and fosters a desire for learning among children, families, and students.

Our Facts:

  • A state-of–the-art child care facility operated by Haywood Community College
  • Serving children ages 6 weeks – 60 months
  • NC Pre-K Program offered
  • Full and part time care accepted
  • Open to faculty, staff, students, and community

Our Contact Information:

Please contact the RCAC Director, Amanda Mills,  at 828-565-4187 to enroll your child today!

Regional Center for the Advancement of Children

  • Polly Amanda Mills
    Phone number: 565-4187
    Office/building: 102, RCAC
  • Deana Jordan
    Assistant Director
    Phone number: 565-4052
    Office/building: 108, RCAC
  • Brandy Brooks
    RCAC Receptionist/Floater
    Phone number: 565-4050
    Office/building: Front Desk, RCAC
  • Pamela Conard
    Early Childhood Lead Teacher
    Phone number: 565-4050
    Office/building: 314, RCAC
  • Joan Corbin
    Early Childhood Lead Teacher
    Phone number: 565-4057
    Office/building: RCAC
  • Debbie Hannah
    Assistant Teacher, Early Childhood Education
    Phone number: 565-4061
    Office/building: RCAC
  • Melanie Hannah
    Early Childhood Lead Teacher
    Phone number: 565-4061
    Office/building: 208, RCAC
  • Eva CeCe Hayes
    Pre K Lead Teacher
    Phone number: 565-4050
    Office/building: 311, RCAC
  • Peyton Henry
    RCAC Lead Teacher
    Phone number: 565-4058
    Office/building: 308, RCAC
  • Candis Ledford
    Assistant Pre-K Teacher
    Phone number: 565-4059
    Office/building: 311, RCAC
  • Samantha Mintz
    Lead Teacher
    Phone number: 565-4054
    Office/building: 122, RCAC
  • Bryanda Andi Mull
    Lead Teacher
    Phone number: 565-4063
    Office/building: 207, RCAC
  • Kassie Toliver
    Lead Teacher
    Phone number: 565-4056
    Office/building: 201, RCAC