5/17/ 2021

On Friday, May 14, 2021, Governor Roy Cooper announced the following changes (with some limited exceptions):

  • Statewide mask mandate (face coverings) lifted;  
  • Social distancing requirements lifted;
  • Limits on mass gatherings lifted;
  • Capacity limits lifted.

Effective immediately, Haywood Community College has updated our procedures to be reflective of these changes. This means face coverings are no longer required (with some exceptions) and social distancing is no longer required.

Face coverings and social distancing protocols are still encouraged, but not required, for unvaccinated people.

In following the Executive Order as related to child care facilities and transportation:

  • Face coverings are still required at the Regional Center for the Advancement of Children;
  • If traveling in a College owned vehicle where more than one person is present.

For those that work or perform services at other locations (clinical settings, K-12 schools, etc.) please adhere to the requirements of that location. Haywood Early College falls under the K-12 guidance.

Nothing prevents employees or students from continuing to wear face coverings. Please keep in mind that individuals should not be asked to disclose their vaccination status or why they are wearing a face covering. This is private information and should be respected at all times.

During this transition time, please be patient as our employees and students make their own decisions about how to continue to protect themselves on campus. For instance, if you meet with someone in a small space, such as a private office, be mindful that your student or fellow employee may request that you meet in an alternate location that allows more distance. You may also see others around campus continue to wear face coverings and as we have said before, we want to be respectful and supportive that we all have differing comfort levels.

Please continue to report:

  • If you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (regardless of vaccination status);
  • If you have an exposure to COVID-19;
  • If you are awaiting a test result for COVID-19, or someone in your household is awaiting a test result;
  • If you are diagnosed with COVID-19.



Spring Semester begins with continued COVID-19 safety precautions

As we welcome students back to HCC for Spring 2021 classes, please continue to use this page as a resource for COVID-19 updates and safety information.

Face Covering Requirements

A reminder that HCC requires all individuals on campus to wear a face covering at all times indoors and outdoors, including classrooms.

This face covering requirement will be in place until further notice.

Classes and Student Services

Many classes for the spring semester will be held virtually. Classes that require face-to-face instruction will follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines as outlined by state, local, and federal guidance, as well as HCC Pandemic Response guidelines.

Student Service areas are open to the public and social distancing guidelines are in place for any in-person needs. We are also offering virtual services to assist students and are encouraging anyone needing assistance to contact us at 828-627-4500 to review virtual assistance options.

Supporting our students

HCC continues to offer multiple support options for students. We can assist with items related to:

  • Health/Wellness
  • Emergency funding needs (rent, food, and more)
  • Technology check-out options from our library (laptops, hotspots, web cams, and more)
  • Wifi locations on campus to access the internet

What can you do to help?

  • Stay home from work or school if:
    • You are sick
    • You are considered a close contact to someone that has COVID-19
    • If someone in your household is sick
    • If you or someone in your household are awaiting test results
  • Contact us as soon as possible if you think you may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 (or suspected COVID-19), if you are awaiting a test result, or if you have tested positive.
  • Follow the 3 W’s: Wear a face covering, Wait 6-feet apart, Wash your hands often
  • Be sure to clean your home and workspace often
  • If you see someone on campus not abiding by the COVID-19 safety guidelines, feel free to speak up, contact a supervisor, or use our COVID-19 Reporting form to share information.

Please remember that our team WILL work with you if you need to stay home for ANY reason related to COVID-19 so we can all do our part to help reduce the spread of the virus.

COVID-19 Resources

This page offers multiple links to COVID-19 resources and additionally, HCC has more resources related to safety protocols and Student expectations. To view this additional information, visit our Resources page or read the Student Checklist


COVID-19 - Reported Confirmed Cases at HCC


  New Cases
6/12/21 - 6/18/21
Summer 2021 
Semester Total

Pandemic Total
Since Mar. 16, 2020

Employee Cases 0 0 20
Student Cases 1 2 80
*RCAC Cases 0 0 6
Total Cases 1 2 106

-as of 6/18/2021

This dashboard is updated weekly, no later than noon on Friday.
Positive cases are self-reported to HCC by students and employees. This dashboard does not include COVID-19 cases unreported to HCC or individuals who are self-quarantining without a confirmed diagnosis.
Those considered to be in close proximity to positive cases reported on campus are contacted immediately.
*RCAC: Regional Center for the Advancement of Children (Case number includes both employees and children at the center).*


Haywood Community College continues to take steps to mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19. As we determine solutions to keep our employees and students as safe as possible, our goal is, as always, to provide a quality education to all of our students in a safe and effective manner.

Recent Updates


Girl wearing a mask while waking down a sidewalk using a cell phone. Logo for Slow COVID NC app overlaid on image.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Service has recently launched a new tool to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The SlowCOVIDNC app works by proactively and anonymously notifying users of potential exposure to COVID-19. It provides a way for app users to protect their privacy and identity, while also slowing the spread of the virus. This app does not collect or share personally identifying or location information.

For a list of FAQ’s and more information on how the app works, visit https://covid19.ncdhhs.gov/slowcovidnc/frequently-asked-questions

To get start doing your part to slow the spread, visit your app store to download the SlowCOVIDNC app today.


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