2021 Enhancing Your Agribusiness Series

The Western Regional SBCN and EmPOWERing Mountain Food Systems present a virtual series on enhancing your farming business.  Convenient online classes for you to attend and hear from speakers with information, tips, and more!

Join us at 6pm on Thursdays during the fall to hear from EmPOWERING Mountain Food Systems. We encourage you to take this time to engage with fellow agribusinesses, entrepreneurs and resource providers, while learning new skills and the power of collaboration along the way.

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September 16: Adding an AirBnB to your Agritourism. Learn about vacation rentals and hear from a successful local farmer using AirBnB for their land.

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September 23: Farm Business Laws and Regulations. Hear from Andrew Brenan, JD about the specific regulations and business laws that pertain to farming.

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September 30: Forest Farming for Income. Learn about what profitable crops grow best in your forest and about crop selection.

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October 7: Farm Taxes Explained: Property, Equipment & Sales. Dive deeper into farm taxes as they pertain to the many different sides of your farming business. CANCELED.


October 14: Creating a Farm Newsletter. Learn how to write an engaging newsletter and explore different platforms available.

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The Agribusiness Webinar series is presented by:

  • HCC Small Business Center
  • SCC Small Business Center
  • Tri-County CC Small Business Center
  • Empowering Mountain Food (co-sponsor)