August 18 '20
Board Roles & Responsibilities: Where the Board Role Ends and the Staff Role Begins (webinar)
August 25 '20
Strategic Planning 101 (webinar)
September 1 '20
How to Fully Fund Your Nonprofit Overhead (webinar)
September 2 '20
Using Shopify to Build an Online Business (webinar)
September 3 '20
How to Start a Business (webinar)
September 9 '20
Intro to Government Contracting (webinar)
September 15 '20
Sharing Impact In Ways that Generate Income and Interest (webinar)
September 15 '20
How to Build an Email Marketing Database for Your Business (webinar)
September 17 '20
How to Write a Business Plan (webinar)
September 24 '20
Marketing Your Business (webinar)
October 14 '20
Review Your Website's Attractiveness and Tips to Increase Traffic & Sales (webinar)
November 2 '20
Have a Business Idea Now Where Do I Start? (webinar)

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