Haywood Community College supports student organizations for the social and academic development of students. In keeping with College policies related to student activities, all such organizations must be officially recognized, through the approval of constitution and bylaws.

In order to start a new student organization, students must (1) complete an Application for Recognition, (2) submit the application to the SGA President prior to the SGA meeting, and (3) present the organization to the SGA. Be sure to submit two copies of the organization's constitution and bylaws with the application.

Student Organizations may find the following documents helpful.

Haywood Community College is committed to equality of educational opportunity and does not discriminate against applicants, students, or employees on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

Student Organizations


Student Government Association (SGA)

Advisor: Hannah Moore

The purpose of the SGA is to (1) make requests and recommendations to the administration that reflect the needs of the student body, (2) plan events and projects that reflect the ideas and opinions of the student body, (3) propose the budget detailing the expenditures of the student activity fees and submit it to the administration for approval, and (4) pass initial approval of all newly formed student organizations.

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Creative Writing Club

Advisor: Clay Couch and Ryn Hayes

The Creative Writing Club seeks to hold regular workshops, public readings, and the publication of a print or online journal.


Criminal Justice Club/Lambda Alpha Epsilon (The American Criminal Justice Association)

Advisors: Chris Wyatt

The Criminal Justice Club supports the national district and state associations for the enhancement of criminal justice professions and the reduction of crime.  Lambda Alpha Epsilon promotes professionalism in the criminal justice field, competing builds confidence in the students, and is a networking opportunity for their future. 


Future Cosmetologists Association (FCA)

Advisors: Sandra Laney and Jennifer Singleton

The purpose of the FCA is to foster the growth and knowledge of cosmetology.


Haywood Studios

Advisor: Emily Reason

Haywood Studios is a student organization dedicated to providing hands-on, real-life marketing experiences for Professional Crafts students. Through organized craft fairs and gallery exhibitions, students learn about the jury process, promotion, set-up, display, and selling of craft objects.


HCC Archery Club

Advisor: Shannon Rabby

The purpose of the Archery Club is to promote the sport and safety of archery.  The club also offers participants the opportunity to compete in archery competitions locally and regionally. 


HCC Automotive Club

Advisor: Darrell Honeycutt and Mark Hicks

The purpose of the HCC Automotive Club is to advance the general interest of automotive interests in the community.


HCC Chapter of the Society of American Foresters

Advisor: Dr. James Jeuck

The purpose of the HCC Chapter of the Society of American Foresters is to advance the science, education, technology, and practice of forestry.


HCC Chapter of the Wildlife Society

Advisor: Shannon Rabby

The student chapter of The Wildlife Society at Haywood Community College is composed of student and professional members of the Society at the college level. Student members are primarily Fish and Wildlife Management Technology students, but students from other educational programs interested in natural resources conservation and related activities have been known to join and participate. Currently, the student chapter has two advisors, Chris Graves and Shannon Rabby, both of which are members at the college, state, regional section, and national levels of The Wildlife Society. The student chapter provides students opportunities to get involved in the wildlife profession “beyond the classroom” by encouraging student professionalism and active involvement to better our wildlife resources for current and future generations.


HCC Fishing Club

Advisor: Shannon Rabby

The purpose of the HCC Fishing Club is to promote fishing on campus and in the community.  The club will educate participants on the sport of fishing, good sportsmanship, strategy, tactics, and the rules of fishing.  The club also offers participants the opportunity to compete in fishing tournaments locally and regionally. 


HCC Forestry Club & Timbersports Team

Advisor: Dr. James Jeuck

The purpose of the HCC Forestry Club & Timbersports Team is to provide students with opportunities in forestry, and to host and participate in Timbersports competitions locally and regionally. 


HCC Technology Club

Advisor: Marc Lehmann

The purpose of the HCC Technology Club is to bring students together from various programs to explore different technologies and to provide a forum for the exchange of these technologies.


HCC Veterans Club (Vets Helping Vets)

Advisor: Darrell Honeycutt and Tracy Rapp

The HCC Veterans Club is an organization focused on assisting veterans on Haywood Community College's campus.


Horticulture Club

Advisor: George Thomas

The purpose of the Horticulture Club is to create and share an appreciation of plants, to explore career choices in the field of horticulture and to provide students with opportunities to become involved in community service activities.


Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

Advisors: John Weatherford and George Thomas

PTK is a national honorary society that celebrates academic excellence in community college students.


Student Association of Medical Assistants (SAMA)

Advisors: Larry Davis

The SAMA Club promotes the profession of Medical Assisting through campus activities and community events.