The State Board of Community Colleges frequently solicits comments about proposed changes. Any changes currently under review are listed below, including guidelines for how to submit comments. 

The State Board of Community Colleges (SBCC) has initiated the rulemaking process to amend 1E SBCCC Subchapter 800.2 - “General Provisions.” The Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) sponsorship letter is the tool utilized to document waiver eligibility for the BLET programs. A sponsorship originates from a state, county or municipal law enforcement agency. The SBCC proposes to amend 1E SBCCC 800.2 in response to colleges’ requests for additional guidance on appropriate documentation of BLET sponsorships and actions required if a sponsorship is revoked prior to a student’s completion of the BLET program. The documentation and potential actions impact college reporting of membership hours for budget FTE and thus require specific parameters. The proposed amendment provides clarification on documentation requirements for the college to correctly award tuition or registration fee waiver as well as how to manage reporting considerations should a sponsorship be revoked prior to a student completing their BLET program.

For more on this propsoed change view the memo.