Summer Classes 2018

Earn college credits at HCC to transfer to your university

Class dates: May 21 – July 17
Tuition (3-hour course): $228 for NC residents
Additional fees and book costs may apply.

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    Click here to submit an application online. (You may need to submit an RDS application for residency with the North Carolina RDS Residency Determination Service if you do not have an assigned RCN number).  
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    Contact us at or 828-627-2821. You may need transcripts if you are registering for classes with prerequisites.
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    Books, student ID, parking decal, and supplies can be purchased at the HCC bookstore in person or online
If you are visiting us in person to pay tuition or to get more information, please note our summer hours:
Monday – Thursday      8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Friday                                 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The courses listed below are part of the North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement, a statewide agreement governing the transfer of credits between NC community colleges and NC public universities. If you attend a private college in NC or one outside of North Carolina, check with your college about the transferability of these courses before enrolling.


Summer Courses​

ACA 122 IN1 College Transfer Success 2 Online Online
ART 111 1 Art Appreciation 3 T/Th 8:00AM-10:50AM
ART 111 2 Art Appreciation 3 T/Th 11:00AM-1:50PM
ART 111 IN1 Art Appreciation 3 Online Online
ART 264 IN1 Digital Photography I 6 Online (class and lab) Online
BIO 111 1 General Biology I 6 M/W (class) and T/Th (lab) 9:00AM-11:50AM
BIO 111 IN1 General Biology I 6 Online (class and lab) Online
BIO 168 IN1 Anatomy and Physiology I 6 Online (class and lab) Online
BIO 169 W1 Anatomy and Physiology II 6 M/W (class) and Online (lab) 9:00AM-11:50AM
BIO 175 IN1 General Microbiology 4 Online (class and lab) Online
BUS 110 IN1 Introduction to Business 3 Online Online
BUS 137 IN1 Principles of Management 3 Online Online
CIS 110 IN1 Introduction to Computers 4 Online (class and lab) Online
COM 120 IN1 Into to Interpersonal Communication 3 Online Online
COM 231 1 Public Speaking 3 T/Th 11:00AM-1:50PM
ECO 251 IN1 Principles of Microeconomics 3 Online Online
EDU 221 IN1 Children with Exceptionalities 3 Online Online
ENG 111 1 Writing and Inquiry 3 M/W 8:00AM-10:50AM
ENG 111 IN1 Writing and Inquiry 3 Online Online
ENG 111 IN2 Writing and Inquiry 3 Online Online
ENG 112 1 Writing/Research in the Disc. 3 M/W 11:00AM-1:50PM
ENG 112 IN1 Writing/Research in the Disc. 3 Online Online
ENG 232 IN1 American Literature II 3 Online Online
HIS 111 IN1 World Civilizations I 3 Online Online
HIS 132 IN1 American History II 3 Online Online
HUM 115 IN1 Critical Thinking 3 Online Online
HUM 122 IN1 Southern Culture 3 Online Online
MAT 143 IN1 Quantitative Literacy 4 Online (class and lab) Online
MAT 152 IN1 Statistical Methods I 5 Online (class and lab) Online
MAT 171 IN1 Precalculus Algebra 5 Online (class and lab) Online
PED 219 1 Disc Golf 2 F 9:00AM-12:50PM
POL 120 1 American Government 3 M/W 11:00AM-1:50PM
PSY 150 IN1 General Psychology 3 Online Online
PSY 241 IN1 Developmental Psychology 3 Online Online
PSY 281 IN1 Abnormal Psychology 3 Online Online
REL 110 IN1 World Religions 3 Online Online
SOC 210 IN1 Introduction to Sociology 3 Online Online
SPA 111 IN1 Elementary Spanish I 3 Online Online
SPA 112 IN1 Elementary Spanish II 3 Online Online

Course list as of 4/19/18. Courses are subject to change based on enrollment.