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Work-Based Learning at HCC is comprised of three educational programs, Apprenticeships, Internships, and Service Learning, which are designed to enhance student learning, promote civic responsibility, clarify and validate career goals, and encourage professional growth and development of job skills through practical work experience outside the classroom.

  • Apprenticeships combine classroom instruction and on-the-job training to prepare students for an industry.  Students are paid for their work and their wages will increase as they progress in the program.  Upon graduation, apprentices will receive a Certificate of Completion and will have earned the highly skilled "journey worker" designation.  Programs can last one to five years depending on the occupation.
  • Internships combine practical work experience with academic coursework to develop student job skills, encourage professional growth, and establish professional relationships in the student’s field of study.  Internships typically last one semester and consist of either 160 or 320 hours depending on the program and course.
  • Service Learning combines positive and meaningful community service with academic coursework to reinforce classroom concepts, promote civic responsibility, and meet the needs of the community.


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Request a student intern. The Work-Based Learning Office will contact you to determine a time frame and recommend a student for your internship opportunity. 

Do you have an idea for a service learning project for our students? Let us know. Not sure if your project falls within the scope of our capabilities? Contact us to find out. Remember that you will be working with students, and a flexible time frame for your project may be required.

Work-Based Learning Office

Josh Hilbert - Coordinator of Work-Based Learning
Office 1536 - Student Services Building