What are Internships?

Internships combine practical work experience with academic coursework. Internships are required for some courses and programs. In order to receive course credit for an internship, the student must be enrolled in a program that supports an internship program.

Why Intern?

  • Real-world experience – Internships provide the opportunity to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world situations and offer the chance to learn valuable work skills outside the traditional classroom. 

  • Competitive Advantage – Internships provide experience in your program of study before you’ve even finished school.  This may give you an advantage once you graduate and begin your job search.

  • College Credit – Many HCC programs offer credit for completing an internship. 

  • Network – Internships can create valuable networking contacts.

  • References – Internship supervisors have a chance to see you in action, which makes them an ideal reference  for your future job search.

Information for Students

For a list of courses that have an internship component, contact your advisor or the Office of Work-Based Learning at 828.627.3613.

Information for Employers

Request an intern or if you have questions please contact the Office of Work-Based Learning at 828.627.3613 or  jhilbert@haywood.edu to explore the possibility of hosting an intern at your business.  Internship requirements and procedures vary by department.