Trail Building - Summer 2012

Ms. Stoneking's Forest Recreation class visited Mountain Heritage High School in Yancey County to assist in the construction of a trail for the high school's cross country team, and community use.  In this video, Forestry student Aaron Perez explains the students' use of the Pulaski tool on the trail.

Pulaski Tool from HCC Experiential Learning on Vimeo.

Forestry student Aaron Perez takes a break from building a trail to explain the history of the Pulaski tool.

Project Learning Tree - Spring 2012

HCC Forestry students complete the Project Learning Tree certification, which trains them to work with K-12 students to lead activities that educate youth about the importance of caring for our environment. 

Project Learning Tree requires a 6 hour workshop that includes a lecture and participation in activities that will later be taught to K-12 students. 

Students demonstrate the importance of a diverse ecosystem.

Each student represents a different part of a tree