Campus Development

The HCC Campus Development Department is the college’s resource for planning, development, and maintenance of the college facilities, grounds, and arboretum.  Our Campus Development Arboretum and Maintenance Staff provide upkeep for over 315,000 square feet of buildings, over 110 acres of campus/arboretum property, and over 700 acres of instructional forest properties.  The Campus Development Department manages planning and implementation of all Capital Improvements at HCC.

Some of our services include:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Energy Management
  • Project Management
  • Building Maintenance
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Fleet Management
  • Events Setup

Campus Development

  • Brek Lanning
    Phone number: 565-4027
    Office/building: 3529, Campus Services
  • Amy L Hill
    Campus Services Administrator
    Phone number: 565-4020
    Office/building: 3501, Campus Services
  • Joe Warren
    Project Specialist
    Phone number: 627-4576
    Office/building: 3517, Campus Services

Campus Arboretum

  • Matthew Connor
    Arboretum Specialist I
    Phone number: 627-3638
    Office/building: Campus Services
  • Cody Ferguson
    Arboretum Specialist II
    Phone number: 627-4638
    Office/building: 3525, Campus Services
  • Will Rhinehart
    Arboretum Specialist I
    Phone number: 627-4638
    Office/building: 3524, Campus Services


  • Josh Best
    Facilities Coordinator
    Phone number: 565-4033
    Office/building: 3527, Campus Services
  • Michael Conard
    Maintenance Specialist III
    Phone number: 627-4589
    Office/building: 3524, Campus Services
  • Jason Craig
    Maintenance Specialist II
    Phone number: 627-4583
    Office/building: 3500, Campus Services
  • Timber West
    Maintenance Specialist II
    Phone number: 627-4591
    Office/building: Campus Services