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Learning Support Services

Our team in Learning Support Services is here to help students with a variety of academic needs. From tutoring to testing and essay support, we are here to help students achieve success during their time at HCC.


Contact Us

Alder Building
  • Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Testing appointments are available starting at 9:00am


Please list the Course Prefix and Number, Section Number as well as the Instructor's Name
I am interested in assistance in this course or courses

Free Tutoring 

Students can receive free tutoring in math, writing/grammar, science, and basic computer operation. We also provide support in learning skills: studying, time management, and organization. Tutoring is available face-to-face and limited online. 

How to Access Tutoring 

Tutoring is available through drop-in labs or by appointment.  

Tutoring times and content areas are subject to change based on availability. 

Rules and Regulations 

  • We do not help students with graded assignments, but with ungraded alternative questions
  • Students cannot miss class time to attend tutoring
  • Each student using the labs or other resources must adhere to our Conduct Policy.


Learning Support Services provides a professional testing environment with secure and private study carrels, sound-suppressing systems in place, pencils and other supplies upon request, computers, and security cameras to ensure secure testing. 

Testing is provided to HCC students and students from other NC community colleges at no charge and will accept specific requests for other individuals or groups (for $25/test). 

Accommodations can be made for students with disabilities that are verified by an instructor. Snap-and-Read software, private testing, and extended testing times are just some of the ways we can accommodate students. 

What to know: 

  • Bring your student ID 
  • Make an appointment in advance 
  • Know your professor’s instructions 
  • Be familiar with LSS rules 
  • If testing online, ensure your device is compatible with our testing process 

Online Testing: 

  • You must specify when making your appointment that you are interested in scheduling an online testing appointment. If you do not specify, you will automatically be scheduled for an in person testing appointment. 
  • Online proctoring is available on a limited basis. To be eligible for online proctoring, you must fall under one of the following criteria: 
    • Proof of residence more than one hour from campus 
    • Have a medical condition that prevents you from coming to campus 
    • Are ill at the time of your test 
    • Have an issue with childcare 
  • If you will be using our online services, you must use a device that is compatible with our virtual testing process. If you do not have access to a device that is compatible, you will need to make arrangements to come to LSS to take your exam. Devices that are not compatible are as follows: 
    • Any device with a Chromebook operating system
    • Cell phone/iPad/Tablet

Map of directions to Learning Support Services Parking

Grammar Evaluation

Learning Support Services offers proofreading for essays and assignments. Essays are NOT corrected for the student, but grammatical errors will be flagged and identified by error type. 


Please list the Course Prefix and Number, Section Number as well as the Instructor's Name
I am interested in assistance in this course or courses

LSS provides proofreading of essays and research papers. Students may drop off essays and assignments for grammar error evaluation.  Students should plan for a 48-hour proofing duration after the document has been submitted (Please note: documents submitted on Friday would have a Tuesday deadline).  Evaluation of lesser duration may happen but is not guaranteed.​ 


Step 1: Complete an application. 

  • Please complete the form to have your paper proofread. 
  • This is an application for tutoring – proofreading is part of our tutoring service. 

Step 2: Submit your essay online via HCC student email. 

  • Type Grammar Evaluation in the subject line of your email. 
  • In the message field include: Your course prefix and number, Your instructor’s name 
  • Include your essay as an attachment to the email. 
  • We only accept documents in Word or PDF format. 
  • After you submit your essay, you will receive a confirmation email from our team. 

Step 3: Look for an email from LSS containing your proofread essay.  

  • Your essay will be flagged in the margins, showing where your errors are and what kind of errors you made 
  • You will also receive a grammar evaluation form showing what the error types are 

Faculty Resources

Learning Support Services serves HCC students, faculty and the community. Our job is to provide, support, and encourage success. We have many resources available for students.​

Tutoring Hours



Monday 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Monday 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

English and study skills tutoring is available by appointment. Email Dr. Hamm at

Student Resources

  • Free drop-in tutoring 
  • Professional Testing Center with a private testing rooms 
  • SnapRead software for testing 
  • Checkout Items: headsets, calculators, and webcams 
  • Free give-away supplies: pencils, earplugs 
  • Computer work stations 


Dr. Phillip Hamm on steps of HCC

Want to learn more about what Learning Support Services has to offer students? Take a listen to a podcast with Dr. Phillip Hamm, the LSS Director. He shares info about the services an an easy to listen to format. His passion for what HCC offers students is evident as we talk through each benefit and service of working with the experts on the LSS team.

Listen Now