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Student Life


At Haywood Community College, we believe student involvement outside of the classroom contributes to a well-rounded college experience. Find your place by joining a club or attending one of the many campus events offered each semester. Find more info about upcoming events, activities, and clubs below.

Calendar of Events Student Wellness

Upcoming Events & Activities

August 21st-24th: Week of Welcome

September 13th: Wellness Wednesday

September 26th: SGA Application Deadline - Apply

October 4th: Wellness Wednesday

October 11th: Blood Drive - Sign up

October 12th: Fall in the Field | Kickball | Food Truck | Ice Cream - Sign up

October 31st: Halloween Costume Contest

November 1st: Wellness Wednesday

December 6th: Wellness Wednesday

Bobcat Bites

We host a variety of delicious food trucks on campus throughout each semester! Make sure to check your emails and keep an eye on our social media platforms for alerts about Bobcat Bites.

Bobcat Bites Schedule

August 30th: Woof Street Bistro

September 12th: Hit The Pit BBQ

September 27th: The Spotted Banana Menu

October 12th: Appalachian Smoke BBQ & Frios Gourmet Pops | Food and ice cream will be free for Fall in the Field event attendees!

October 24th: Sticky 8's

bobcat bites logo with food truck


Bobcat Chat


Welcome everyone to Bobcat Chat. A podcast designed to immerse you in the culture and happenings here at Haywood Community College. Each episode, one of our hosts will meet up with someone GREAT and interview them to see what they’re all about. We hope your ears are ready, because we’ve got a lot to chat about!

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Ethan Hall with arms crossed in front of trees

HCC is planning many exciting events and opportunities for students to connect this fall. In this episode we sat down with Ethan Hall, Coordinator of Student Life. He gives us the scoop on planned activities, his hopes for students, and a little about his time here at HCC when he was a student.

Ethan's Podcast


The Criminal Justice Club supports the national district and state associations for the enhancement of criminal justice professions and the reduction of crime.  Lambda Alpha Epsilon promotes professionalism in the criminal justice field, competing builds confidence in the students, and is a networking opportunity for their future.  


Chris Wyatt
  • Chris Wyatt
  • Program Manager - Criminal JusticeTechnology

The purpose of the FCA is to foster the growth and knowledge of cosmetology. 


Cathy Gilchrist
  • Cathy Gilchrist
  • Program Manager, Cosmetic Arts

Haywood Studios is a student organization dedicated to providing hands-on, real-life marketing experiences for Professional Crafts students. Through organized craft fairs and gallery exhibitions, students learn about the jury process, promotion, set-up, display, and selling of craft objects.


Amy Putansu
  • Amy Putansu
  • Instructor - Fiber
Brian Wurst
  • Brian Wurst
  • Instructor - Professional Crafts - Wood

The purpose of the HCC Automotive Club is to advance the general interest of automotive interests in the community. 


Mark Hicks
  • Mark Hicks
  • Instructor - Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
Darrell Honeycutt
  • Darrell Honeycutt
  • Program Manager - Automotive
Heather Patterson
  • Heather Patterson
  • Instructor - Automotive Systems Technology

The purpose of the HCC Chapter of the Society of American Foresters is to advance the science, education, technology, and practice of forestry. 


Alexander Byers
  • Alexander Byers
  • Faculty - Natural Resources Arts, Sciences & Natural Resources

The student chapter of The Wildlife Society at Haywood Community College is composed of student and professional members of the Society at the college level. Student members are primarily Fish and Wildlife Management Technology students, but students from other educational programs interested in natural resources conservation and related activities have been known to join and participate. The student chapter provides students opportunities to get involved in the wildlife profession “beyond the classroom” by encouraging student professionalism and active involvement to better our wildlife resources for current and future generations. 


Andrew Isenhower
  • Andrew Isenhower
  • Instructor - Fish & Wildlife
Shannon Rabby
  • Shannon Rabby
  • Lead Instructor - Fish & Wildlife Management Technology

The purpose of the HCC Lumberjacks Team is to provide students with opportunities in forestry, and to host and participate in Timbersports competitions locally and regionally. 


Dr. George Hahn III
  • Dr. George Hahn III
  • Instructor - Forestry Management Technology

The HCC Veterans Club is an organization focused on assisting veterans on Haywood Community College's campus. 


Tracy Rapp
  • Tracy Rapp
  • Senior Director of Student Enrollment & Financial Aid

PTK is a national honorary society that celebrates academic excellence in community college students. 


Veronica Dooly
  • Veronica Dooly
  • Instructor - Information Technology

The SAMA Club promotes the profession of Medical Assisting through campus activities and community events. 


Larry Davis
  • Larry Davis
  • Program Manager / Medical Assisting

Students interested in environmental issues and getting involved are welcome to join this club! Watch for events held on campus and partnered with other student events to help promote the great efforts of the club students.


Susan Roberts
  • Susan Roberts
  • Instructor - Biology

Students! Are you interested in being more involved here at HCC and getting PAID? SGA is the perfect opportunity for you! We’re actively recruiting officers until September 26th. Please click here to fill out this form to start your application process!

A few benefits of being an SGA Officer include:

• $1,000 stipend per semester served for officers.
• $500 stipend per semester served for Clyde the Bobcat mascot.
• Develop leadership and team building skills.
• Learn parliamentary procedure.
• Learn how to conduct meetings.
• Enhance resume.
• Increase possibility of getting scholarships and/or honors.
• Scholarship/work study each semester.
• Future job recommendations/references.
• Attend state and division meetings and conferences for training and networking.

Qualifications of SGA Officers:

Demonstrated characteristics of scholarship, leadership, stability, honesty, initiative, and responsibility.
• Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher.
• Ability to commit to a minimum of five hours weekly for SGA duties.
• Ability to commit to attending N4CSGA division and state conferences in fall and spring semesters.
• Commitment to attend campus meetings and to assume the responsibility of the office.
• Loyalty and commitment to core values of Haywood Community College.
• Ability to take direction from SGA Advisor and HCC Student Government members.

Email with any questions you may have about SGA.


Ethan Hall
  • Ethan Hall
  • Coordinator of Student Life

Mission Statement 

The Student Activities Program of Haywood Community College, planned and implemented collaboratively by students and professional staff in alignment with the overall mission of the college, promotes student leadership and development while providing a comprehensive array of activities to enhance student educational experiences. 

  • Offer opportunities for recreational fulfillment. 
  • Empower a Student Government Association that facilitates participation in campus governance. 
  • Use student activity fees in a fiscally responsible manner. 
  • Encourage student participation in community service to enhance classroom experience. 
  • Give exposure to other cultures and promote awareness of diversity through activities. 


  1. Increased participation in student activities. 
  2. Expansion of activities to include intramural sports. 
  3. Enhancement of student leadership, responsibility, and team skills. 
  4. Increased participation in service learning activities. 
  5. Enhanced integration of all students into campus student life (day care students, Haywood Early College, Adult Education, dual and concurrently enrolled students, continuing education students, etc.) 

Legislative Documents 

Start a Club

In order to start a new student organization, students must (1) complete an Application for Recognition, (2) submit the application to the SGA President prior to the SGA meeting, and (3) present the organization to the SGA. Be sure to submit two copies of the organization's constitution and bylaws with the application. 

Student Organizations may find the following documents helpful. 

Haywood Community College is committed to equality of educational opportunity and does not discriminate against applicants, students, or employees on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

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