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Thanks to the generosity of our community members, students, employees, and HCC Foundation, HCC offers a variety of scholarships for our students.

How to Apply

  1. Enroll to HCC
  2. Apply for financial aid using the FAFSA Application
  3. Complete your Scholarship application
    1. Our system will automatically match you to scholarships you qualify for, making this process simple for our students.

Scholarship Types

Lavender Fund

HCC cares about our students. We have designated funds available for students facing a financial need. With our Lavender Fund, students can apply for funds to help cover emergency needs (related or not related to COVID-19). 

Typical funding needs that students request include:

  • Transportation needs (public transportation, gas, etc.)
  • Child Care
  • Heating and utility assistance
  • Housing
  • Food and Hunger assistance


Finish Line Grant

  • Students that have had a financial emergency that may prevent completion of courses.
  • Students currently enrolled at HCC with a minimum GPA of 2.0 and in good standing
  • Students within two semesters of completing their program (50% complete)


Continuing Education

Several scholarships are available for students interested in workforce continuing education.  These scholarships may pay for tuition, fees, books, supplies and in some cases transportation and childcare. To apply for any of these scholarships, please complete the Continuing Education Scholarship Application.

Complete Application

Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER)

The Governor of N.C. established the GEER Scholarships for N.C. Community College Workforce Continuing Education (WCE) students. The Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Funds Scholarship provides scholarships for eligible community college workforce continuing education students pursuing high-demand workforce training programs within ten workforce pathways leading to a State or industry-recognized credential.

GEER Eligibility

Scholarship awards are determined locally based on student need, local industry needs, number of eligible students, and cost of course, up to a maximum of either $750 per course or the cost of the course fee(s) if the fee(s) exceed $750. The scholarships help cover the cost of tuition, fees, books, supplies, credentialing tests, transportation, childcare, and other components of the total cost of attendance for students enrolled in the following ten workforce continuing education programs of study:

  • Automotive
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Criminal Justice
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Transportation
  • Fire and Rescue Services

SECU Bridge to Career

In 2018, the State Employees Credit Union (SECU) Foundation established the SECU Bridge to Career Program to help remove financial barriers for students seeking to obtain state-regulated or industry-recognized credentials through the workforce/continuing education division for their local Community Colleges that lead to sustainable wage careers within their local communities.  Amount is $500. 

Tuition Free Guarantee

The HCC Tuition Free Guarantee will pay for up to four semesters at the in-state tuition rate for any 2022 qualifying high school graduate (public, private, homeschool, or HCC High School Equivalency graduate) from Haywood County who does not obtain the full amount needed through federal financial aid and/or scholarships.  The guarantee will be applicable for up to two years (fall & spring semesters only) of enrollment as long as the student continues to meet our predefined criteria. 

The HCC Tuition Free Guarantee will not cover program/course specific fees, out of state tuition costs, or books/materials. However, if approved for additional financial aid or scholarships, those items could still be covered. 

​The guarantee is subject to approval from the scholarship committee and availability of funds. 

If you have questions about this scholarship, please reach out to us at

In order to qualify for the Tuition Free Guarantee, students must complete the following steps before Friday, July 22nd, 2022 for the Fall 2022 semester.​

Initial Qualification Criteria for HCC’s Tuition Free Guarantee
  1. Be a 2022 high school graduate from Haywood County (public, private, or homeschool) or HCC High School Equivalent graduate.
  2. Hold a minimum high school GPA of 2.8.
  3. Enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester (full-time status) at HCC.
  4. Each year students must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Applications can be found at
  5. Annually complete the HCC scholarship application. This can be found at
  6. Meet with your HCC Success Coach prior to enrolling in courses. Have a question? Reach out to our team at
Continued Qualification Criteria for HCC’s Tuition Free Guarantee
  1. Each year students must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Applications can be found at
  2. Maintain a GPA of 2.0 at HCC.
  3. Continue enrollment of 12 credit hours per semester (fall & spring).
  4. Complete the HCC scholarship application. This can be found at

Outside Opportunities

Community members and partners also provide opportunities for our students to apply for scholarships provided directly by the business or entity. HCC works to keep this list of opportunities updated as frequently as possible. Please review the below list for scholarships that might be applicable to you:

Students are required to report any aid received from a source other than the school’s financial aid office.  This includes any aid received at another institution during the current academic year. Types of aid that should be reported include the previously mentioned sources as well as any scholarships not awarded by HCC or tuition assistance from an employer. Failure to report such assistance could result in a reduction or cancellation of your financial aid.

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