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Nurse Aide Refresher

This course is designed to provide a review of the Nurse Aide 1 core content to prepare individuals who have been or are currently listed on a Nurse Aide 1 Registry, have successfully completed a state-approved training program, hold a health care credential from any state as or military personnel who have had medical/corpsman training to to sit for the Nurse Aide 1 state Exam. 

The course is a minimum of forty(40) hours. 

Tuition & Info:

  • Tuition: $156.25
  • Mondays & Wednesdays, 9am-2pm
  • Next class will be offered October 2024
  • All students must pre-register with the coordinator

Contact Us

To start the registration process, contact the department coordinator. We will begin the registration process and work with you to ensure all paperwork is complete prior to the start of class.

Department Coordinator: 828-565-4145 or