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Defensive Driving

Program Information

This National Safety and Health Council Defensive Driving course is a 4-hour course offered on the main campus of HCC teaching students how to use driving strategies to minimize risk and avoid accidents. The Safe Driving Program may prevent assessment of insurance points or premium surcharges on your policy and/or points on your North Carolina driver’s license.

The benefit of this course is the ability to keep you and other drivers safe on the road. This course is perfect for all drivers, even those new to driving.

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4-Hour Classes | $95

Date Day Time Section Registration Link
June 3, 2024 Monday 6pm-10pm 41851 Register
June 8, 2024 Saturday 9am-1pm 41852 Register
July 1, 2024 Monday 6pm-10pm 41854 Register
August 10, 2024 Saturday 9am-1pm 42776 Register
September 9, 2024 Monday 6pm-9pm 42778 Register
October 5, 2024 Saturday 9am-1pm 42779 Register
November 4, 2024 Monday 6pm-10pm 42781 Register
December 7, 2024 Saturday 9am-1pm 42782 Register

8-Hour Classes | $130

Saturdays | 8am-5pm (1-hour lunch break)

Date Section Registration Link
July 27, 2024 41856 Register
September 7, 2024 42777 Register
November 2, 2024 42780 Register


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