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Accident Insurance


A student accident insurance policy is provided for each student enrolled in a curriculum course and some courses in workforce continuing education. The premium for this policy is included as a part of the institutional fees charged at registration. 

Please note that this is a limited accident policy. The policy only covers injuries caused by accidents that occur on-campus during the hours that the College is in session and/or while the student is taking part in a college endorsed activity under the supervision and control of College officials. 

Students registering for Workforce Continuing Education courses are given an option to pay the accident insurance fee. This will cover any class-related injuries as covered in the limited accident policy. Instructions, brochures and incident claim forms can be obtained from Student Services. 

Haywood Community College does not provide medical services for students. The responsibility for medical services rests with the student. In the case of illness or injury on campus, please call Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at 911 to assist individuals. Please call Campus Security at Office: 828-627-4514. Or Cell: 828-734-5410 to notify them that EMS has been called so that they may assist until help arrives and help the EMS locate the person who is ill. First aid kits are available in labs and in Student Services. Urgent Care facilities are located a few miles from the campus in Hazelwood, near Exit 100 of Hwy 19-23 and in Canton at Exit 31 off I-40.

For further information on this program, see the attached document.