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Learning Support Services is a student resource center providing academic support for students at Haywood Community College.  Our mission is to support teaching and learning opportunities for students.

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We are located in the 300 building, just inside the back double doors. Come see us; we are happy to help you!

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Learning Support Services

  • Kim Carver
    Phone number: 565-4217
    Office/building: 336, Arts & General Education
  • Melanie S. Lewis
    Phone number: 627-4696
    Office/building: 338B, Arts & General Education
  • Susan Roberts
    Instructor of Biology & Learning Support Services
    Phone number: 565-4218
    Office/building: 334, Arts & General Education
  • Margaret Studenc
    Program Manager
    Phone number: 627-4688
    Office/building: 334, Arts & General Education

Our Space

LSS Tutoring Room