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UNCW Transfer Agreement


Haywood Community College partners with the University of North Carolina-Wilmington with a transfer program

HCC is working with UNC-Wilmington for the Partner for PathWays Program, offering Haywood Community College students guaranteed admission into UNCW for those who are eligible.

Available Spring 2024, UNCW aims to form partnerships with all 58 state community colleges that will guarantee admissions for eligible students and provide seamless support for those seeking a four-year degree.

Haywood Community College students need at least 24 hours of college transfer credits to qualify for the PathWays Program at UNCW.

Dr. Wendy Hines, EVP of Instruction & Students Services at HCC, shares, “We are excited to renew our partnership with UNCW to serve HCC students.  The partnership offers HCC students additional benefits as they consider continuing their education beyond HCC. UNCW is well known for academic excellence and offers various majors to serve our transfer students.”

The PathWays program will further enhance the UNCW’s collaboration with community colleges by providing qualifying students with a clear and guaranteed path to admissions. Students in this program will receive tailored communication and program opportunities. In addition, they will be connected to a Transfer Student Success Coordinator who can work with them to create a transfer plan based on their interests and intended major. Transfer students will also have UNCW application fees waived and priority status for merit scholarships and deadlines.

Stefanie Norris, UNCW director of transfer partnerships, said the majority of community colleges are participating in the PathWays program. Additionally, the university is adding more qualifying associate degrees to better meet the needs of students and the region’s workforce.”

With spring and summer registration now open at HCC, with this transfer agreement and others in place, now is the perfect time to start your educational journey locally.