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Art Journaling

Student is working on a sketchbook using colored pencils, paint, scissors, leaves and string.Instructor: Lauren Medford

Location: Sycamore Bdg, RM 7306  Tuition: 113.00

Art Journaling is beneficial to artists, hobbyists, or anyone, who wants to be creative. An art journal is a form of visual record keeping. Record keeping of thoughts, memories, and emotions. It can also be used to develop and play with various techniques and experimental mark-making. Journaling can help generate new ideas and methods as well as serve as a creative outlet. In this course students will develop their own art journal and together we will explore mixed media techniques to establish an art journaling practice of experimentation and visual record-keeping. No art making experience required! 

Students are responsible for materials and materials cost start at $58.00. Materials may be less or more in price and is dependent upon students chosen vendor.


Course Code                                   Date                  Time

CSP 4000 24754: 39369             7/6-7/27            Wednesday 5:30pm-8pm

Registration Deadline: 6/29/22

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Course Code               Date                Time

COMING SOON         8/4-8/25          Thursday. 12:30pm-3pm

Registration Deadline: 7/29/22

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Course Code                                   Date                    Time

CSP 4000 24777: 39426             11/3-12/2           Thursday 5:30pm-8pm

Registration Deadline: 10/27/22

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