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Creative Arts

Haywood Community College offers continuing education courses in fiber, clay, metals/jewelry, hand wrought metals, woodcarving, wood furniture construction, stained glass, basketry, seasonal floral design, painting, music, computer design, photography and so much more. Check back often for updated schedules and class offerings.  Please click on class titles for more information.

About Creative Arts

Western North Carolina is fertile ground for craft arts and artists. Over the last 50 years, the area has blossomed into an internationally recognized destination for working artists, craftspeople, shops, galleries and craft education.

Haywood Community College’s Creative Arts programming offers an innovative, affordable, groundbreaking craft education.

  • The HCC Craft programs draw students from across the United States and beyond.

  • The college’s state-of-the-art, LEED certified, green building is a model for art and craft education.

  • The Creative Arts Facility is over 40,000 square feet in size containing both studio and gallery space.
  • Class sizes are small, with teacher-student ratios designed for an optimal studio education.

We welcome students from next door to across the country.  We have individuals that make our campus their vacation destination to participate in workshops and classes, or are lucky enough to have this amazing resource in their backyard.  Continuing education classes vary in price depending on class length and cost of materials, but remain the same for each participant regardless of residency.

Advanced Open Studio

Perfect for those that have already taken Beginning or Intermediate Wheel Throwing. Learn More

Beginning Wheel Throwing

Through demonstrations and one on one coaching, we will learn all the steps to create simple forms such as bowls, cups, and bud vases. Learn More

Pottery Around the World: Asia

Students will learn about various pottery traditions of Japan, Korea, and China. Learn More

Pottery Around the World: the Americas

Students will learn about pottery traditions of indigenous people of North and South America. Learn More

Appalachian Ghost Story Print Exchange

Prepare yourselves to make some hauntingly delightful prints of local ghost stories!  In the class we will learn the basics of relief printmaking using ghost stories as our subject matter. Learn More

Art Journaling

Journaling can help generate new ideas and methods as well as serve as a creative outlet. In this course, students will develop their own art journal and together, we will explore mixed media techniques to establish an art journaling practice of experimentation and visual record-keeping. No artmaking experience is required!  Learn More

Beginning Watercolor

This watercolor course is designed to help the beginning and intermediate student understand the principles of mixing colors, as well as learn watercolor techniques. Students will complete several paintings during the 6-week course by applying what they have learned. Learn More

Intro to Drawing

Learn to visually interpret what you see and capture this on paper. We will cover basic drawing fundamentals: line, contour, shapes, shading, controlling tones, proportion, perspective and composition. While using pencil, a variety of subject matter including still life, nature, people and buildings will be explored. Learn More

Intro to Painting

Painting is lots of fun and using acrylic paint is one of the best ways to be introduced to creating colorful art. We are going to demystify color theory by exploring the elements of color and how colors relate to each other. Learn More

Canning Made Simple

Home Canning both economical and a healthy alternative to processed commercial foods. It can also be very rewarding as it can unite friends, family and the community. Learn More

Winterizing and Feeding Bees

Subjects covered will include hive equipment, tools, protective clothing, insulating colonies and how to winterize colonies. In addition, students will receive practical experience with constructing a candy board, making sugar-candy, and insulating colonies in the HCC Apiary. Prior knowledge is required. Learn More

Advanced Enameling: Open Studio

Experienced enamelers will have the opportunity to delve deeper into their craft during open studio sessions. Explore advanced techniques, refine your skills, and pursue your creative vision. Learn More

Blacksmith Knife Creation

Throughout this course, students will learn the basic skills of forging and hone those skills into creating their own simple blacksmith’s knife. These simple and elegant knives have been hand crafted since the Iron Age and are a great starting project for any aspiring smith. Learn More

Bringing in the Heat

If you have experience with metal jewelry and are ready to move on to joining metals with heat and cold connections with rivets, this class is for you. Students will explore, practice, and develop a love for joining metals with solder and heat. Learn More

Discover Color with Enamels

Enameling - a combo of Champleve and Cloisonne. In this class you will have a taste of both processes and create a pair of earrings or a pendant of your design. Learn More

Get Fired Up with Color: An intro to Vitreous Enamel

During this course students will explore various ways to create designs with transparent and opaque enamel on copper. You will learn techniques such as under painting, sgraffito, blending, and cloisonné. Learn More

Intro to Metal Smithing

This 8-week level 1 beginning course introduces you to skills for basic tool usage; light torchwork (annealing), hammering (texturing), piercing (sawing), shaping, coloring with patinas, Roller Mill texturing, and more. Learn More

Cha Cha-Rumba-Swing

An introduction to the three primary dances in American Rhythm and International Latin Style dance! You’ll learn the first three patterns in Cha-cha, Rumba, and Swing. Learn More

Intermediate Violin & Cello

This course is for violin or cello students that have either completed the beginner class, have prior experience, or have submitted a brief audition file to the instructor. Learn More

Violin & Cello for beginners

Through music we learn to become storytellers! This introductory course welcomes students with little to no strings experience for both violin and cello. Learn basic sight-reading skills, ear-training exercises, practice scales, and explore different musical styles such as classical and fiddle tunes. Learn More


An introduction to the 3 primary dances in American and International style dance (waltz, tango, and foxtrot). Students will learn the first 4 patterns in each dance and the elements of rhythm, timing, proper hold, frame, and footwork. Learn More

Beginning Weaving

In this six-week course we will learn every step of beginning weaving on a floor loom including designing a warp with multiple colors, dressing the loom back to front, and exploring weaving in both plain weave and twill structures. You will learn weaving terminology, how to calculate quantities of yarn needed for a project, how to plan warp dimensions, and gain an overview of finishing techniques. Learn More

Drafting Foundation Patterns for Apparel

This class will provide an opportunity for students to create foundation blocks/slopers for a front and back bodice with darts, a basic sleeve, and a skirt. The blocks will serve as a foundation for creating new garments and students will also learn basic patternmaking techniques. Learn More

Garment Construction

Join this immersive 10-week sewing course in which you will master sewing machine operation, explore textiles and notions, gain an understanding of sewing patterns, and learn the ins and outs of how a garment is made. Learn More

Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine

Get to know your sewing machine! In this class we will do a deep dive into understanding and getting comfortable using your machine. In addition to covering parts, functions, and essential tools, we will master threading and bobbin winding. Learn More

Handwoven Gifts

Recommended for students to have some experience, this hands-on class will teach project planning with dimensions and yard, adjusting waving drafts, planning for end-use with yarn type, sett, hems, sampling, and much more. Learn More

Mending Club

Say goodbye to disposable fashion and embrace sustainable practices as we explore the art of mending. Learn More


Come learn the basics of choosing and project-cutting with a ruler and rotary blade. Sewing will take place on one of our babyloc machines. These classes are for beginners and accomplished quilters. Bring the projects you are working on now and quilt them on one of our longarm 3 quilters. Learn More


Students should bring a simple desk or dining chair with a seat bottom or a footstool for their first project. You will dive right in on your first day of class. Learn More

Advanced Fiction

Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop provides the space for a writer to write. Students will take their writing to the next level, submitting their work for close-reading and review by their peers and the instructor. Learn More

Small Table

This course will build on skills students have learned in the beginner class and guide them through the construction of a small table of their own design, using basic woodworking tools that are easily accessible. No prior woodworking experience is necessary, but classes are recommended in order. Learn More

Woodworking: Keepsake Box

Students will be guided through the construction of a Keepsake box of their own design, using basic woodworking tools that are easily accessible. No prior woodworking experience is necessary. Learn More


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