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Introduction to Painting

hand painted canvas of birds and sunflowersIntroduction to Painting

Instructor: James Stilwell

Location: Sycamore Building, 7105 Tuition: $115.00

Painting is lots of fun and using acrylic paint is one of the best ways to be introduced to creating colorful art. We are going to demystify color theory by exploring the elements of color and how colors relate to each other. You will discover how to limit your color palette with amazing results. The subject matter will be up to you, still life, nature, landscape and more. Materials cost not included in course cost. See below for the list of materials to purchase.

Students must have some basic experience with drawing.

Date Day Time Cost Section Register By Registration Link
Aug. 13 - Sept. 17 Tuesdays 3:30 - 5:30pm $115 11872 8/6/24 Register
Oct. 15 - Nov. 19 Tuesdays 3:30 - 5:30pm $115 11874 10/8/24 Register

How to Register by Email:

1. Download Creative Arts Registration Form (Form must be fully completed to be accepted)

2. Email completed form to

3. If you are registering through email please await a Successful Confirmation Registration Email.
This service is only available to those that register by email. 

How to Register in Person:

Please visit Student Services Department on the top floor of the Hemlock Building at
185 Freedlander Drive, Clyde, NC 28721.


Intro to Painting Material List from Michaels Craft Store (Prices may vary per vendor)

1. Brushes: 

  • Artist Loft white synthetic brush set 10 piece #10171153 $12.99 
  • Chip brush #10004085 $.99 (or any 1 inch cheap brush) 
  • Optional brushes: White Taklon Filbert Brush set #10514957 $5.99 

If you decide to buy brushes individually you will need: 

  • #0 round brush for acrylic painting 
  • #4 flat brush 
  • #4 Filbert brush 
  • #8 Filbert brush 

2. Paint: 

  • Gesso- Folk Art #10196496 $5.99 
  • The Following are Liquitex Basics Acrylic paints 4 oz tubes $5.49 each (Available online only) 
  • Cadmium Red Medium #10065073 
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium #10065113 
  • Yellow Oxide #10065112 (can also be called Yellow Ochre) 
  • Ultramarine blue #10065113 
  • Mars Black #10206545 
  • Titanium White #10065125 

You may be able to find these paints or equivalent brand at Michaels or other stores like: Joann’s fabric or Cheap Joes of Asheville 

3. Palette-plastic or coated picnic plates available at the grocery store 

4. Water jar or plastic cup 

5. Roll of paper towels or rag 

6. Canvas: 8x10 canvas board Art Loft 5 pack #10156196 $7.99 

7. 11x14 canvas boards Artist Loft 5 pack #10156198 $12.99