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Exploring Ideas in Weaving

Detail photograph of loom weaving equipment and supplies.Exploring Ideas in Weaving

Instructor: Deanna Lynch

Location: Sycamore Building, 7306  Tuition: $250.00

We will start with a versatile set up and cover weaving fundamentals. In this 5 week course, there will be opportunities for students to experiment with design techniques at the loom to generate new ideas for future weaving projects.  Prior experience with weaving is helpful but not required. This course is open to all skill levels and all loom types. You will be able to choose to work on a rigid heddle or a floor loom for the entirety of class. Instructor: Deanna Lynch

Students should bring: Scissors, Tape measure, Pen/pencil, notepad, graph paper, Colored pencils (optional), Folder (optional), 6- or 12-inch ruler, Straight pins or T-pins, qty ~5, Tapestry or embroidery needle, Calculator, and a 1” wide smooth ribbon, one spool (optional)


Course Code                                     Date                                Time

CSP-4000-24898: 41023                8/15/23-9/12/23           Tuesdays, 12pm-4pm

Registration Deadline: 8/6/23 

How to Register by Email:

1. Download Creative Arts Registration Form (Form must be fully completed to be accepted)

2. Email completed form to

3. If you are registering through email please await a Successful Confirmation Registration Email.
This service is only available to those that register by email. 

How to Register in Person:

Please visit Student Services Department on the top floor of the Hemlock Building at
185 Freedlander Drive, Clyde, NC 28721.