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student at loom weaving a scarf Weaving 101

Instructor: Rachel Haas

Location: Sycamore Building, 7306  Tuition: $204.00

In this six-week course we will learn every step of beginning weaving on a floor loom including designing a warp with multiple colors, dressing the loom back to front, and exploring weaving in both plain weave and twill structures. You will learn weaving terminology, how to calculate quantities of yarn needed for a project, how to plan warp dimensions, and gain an overview of finishing techniques. By the end of the class you will leave with color and weave cloth samples and either a set of dishtowels, placemats, or a scarf. You will have a solid foundation for weaving on your own after the class.

Students will provide their own additional materials for this course as needed. Students need to bring the following to class: scissors, tape measure, pen/pencil, notepad, graph paper, colored pencils (optional), folder (optional), 6- or 12-inch ruler, straight pins or T-pins, qty ~5, tapestry or embroidery needle, calculator, and a 1 wide smooth ribbon,

Dates Day Time Cost Section Register By Registration Link
March 11, 2024 Mondays 10am - 3pm $204 41817 3/6/24 Register

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How to Register in Person:

Please visit Student Services Department on the top floor of the Hemlock Building at
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